Pools: Resorts with the most Pools. Top Five.

With 32 resorts to choose from at Walt Disney World it can be hard to make a decision of where you want to stay. Resort area can be a determining factor and cost is certainly a big one. If you plan on spending some non-park days at your resort then pools may be the component that sways you from one resort to another. Here’s a list of the resorts with the most pool areas on their resort property. Perfect for the vacationers planning on spending mornings at the park and afternoons by the pool. Or ideal for the family heading down for a RunDisney race with no plans of heading to the parks.

5. Pop Century & Boardwalk Inn.

Tied for 5th are Pop Century and the Boardwalk Inn and Vilas.

Pop Century is a value resort in the Wide World of Sports Resort Area. Connected to the Art of Animation, this resort has 3 pools. Each pool is surrounding by buildings complimenting a theme. One pool is called the Computer Pool. It’s surrounded by lounge chairs, umbrellas and there is a nearby bathroom. The next pool is a Bowling theme pool. Again it’s surrounded by deck chairs, umbrellas and there is a bathroom nearby. Both of these pools are deeper, quiet pools. The feature pool is the Hippy Dippy Pool. It’s found off the main building. The pool activities happen at this pool throughout the day and there’s also a kiddie pool in the same vicinity. Nearby you’ll find bathrooms and a dining experience, the Petals Pool Bar.

Boardwalk Inn is a Deluxe resort found in the Epcot Resort area. Two of these pools are quiet pools and the feature pool has a water slide. The first pool is the Inn Pool. It can be found in the secluded area of the Boardwalk off the main building’s lobby. This pool is surrounded by gardens and garden suites. It is very quiet. There are bathrooms but there is no dining nearby. The other quiet pool can be found surrounded by the Villas. There are bathrooms close by. It’s bordered by the Community Hall, which makes for a noisy atmosphere. Down the lane from this pool is the Boardwalks feature pool, Luna Park Pool. This pool has a 200-foot waterslide, kiddie pool and playground. Leaping Horse Libations is on the grounds giving you great options for pool side beverages or a quick and easy lunch.

4. Art of Animation.

Art of Animation comes in fourth because of it’s close proximity to Pop Century. It only has three pools, the same as the resorts above. But you can pool hop at the Pop Century. This increases Art of Animations’ guests pool number to 6. Art of Animation is in the upper echelon of the value resorts. It’s three pools are found in the heart of resort buildings that are designed to put you in the middle of a Disney Film. Flippin’ Fins Pool is in the middle of the Little Mermaid buildings. With easy access to bathrooms this pool will have your little mermaid feeling right at home. The Cozy Cone Pool is the other quiet pool at the Art of Animation. You may have guessed, Cozy Cone puts you in the Cars area of this resort. The pool isn’t spectacular but the setting certainly is. The pool is surrounded by big traffic cones, just like the movie. There is also a bathroom nearby this pool. Lastly, you have the Big Blue Pool. This pool is zero-depth entry. Great for families with littles. There’s also a water play area, The Drop Off Pool Bar and a bathroom. These pools are not open for pool hopping, so as a guest of Art of Animation you’ll have to pools to yourselves.

3. Coronado Springs Resort and Old Key West.

Tied for 3rd are Moderate level resort Coronado Springs and Deluxe Villa (Disney Vacation Club) Resort Old Key West.

Coronado Springs Resort is found in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area. It has four pools, three quiet and one feature pool in the centre of the resort. There is a quiet pool for each neighbourhood of buildings and the feature pool is found all on it’s own. The Casitas Village Pool, has the health club nearby, as well as restrooms. This is a very large pool with very few lounge chairs. The Ranchos Village pool is also large but it’s more private than the Casitas Village Pool. There are washrooms nearby. Cabanas Village pool is the smallest of the three quiet pools, probably because of its close proximity to the Feature Pool. It is close to the beach and has washrooms close by. The main pool is the Lost City of Cibola. With its 123-foot long water slide, sand pit and playground for kids. This is a destination for guests of the Coronado Springs Resort. You’ve got the pool side bar, Siestas Cantina, the Volleyball Court, and an arcade. This is a stellar feature pool area.

Old Key West is the first Disney Vacation Club Resort, it only offers Villa-style rooms. It’s found in the Disney Springs Resort area and also offers four pools. Three quiet and one feature. Keep in mind, this resort is sprawling, covering a large portion of the Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. So although this resort has many pools, they are very hard to get to. If you are staying on one side of the resort, you likely won’t want to make your way all the way across to try another quiet pool. Every quiet pool is also accompanied with a bathroom and a playground. Miller’s Road quiet pool is surrounded by Old Key West buildings, but it’s a little close to the road, making it a little loud with vehicle noise. South Point pool is closest to the lake, giving you a nice view of the boats coming from Disney Springs. The Village Pool is kind of the feature pool for those staying far away from the Hospitality House. There’s the Turtle Shack Snack Bar, giving you decent dining options to use dining plan meal credits and an arcade. Lastly, you’ve got the Sandcastle Pool. This is where you’ll find the poolside activities, the 125-foot long water slide, and the kiddie pool. You’re in the hub of the action at this pool, with close proximity to the Tennis Courts, Playground, beach volleyball and the hospitality house. Here is where you can spend a non-park day.

2. Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs comes in 2nd with 5 pools. This Deluxe Villa Resort is a Disney Vacation Club property that has the most variety of pool options on property. With two quiet pools, two water play areas, three pool bars, two zero-depth entry pools. If you’re planning on enjoying lots of time pool side this resort is it my friends. The two quiet pools are found in the Treehouse Villas community and the Congress Park. Both have access to washrooms, and the Congress Park has a beautiful view of Disney Springs. There’s also a playground located in the Congress Park pool area. The Grandstand Pool area has a quiet pool and a water play area. This area is bordered by buildings and the Backstretch Pool Bar. The High Rocks Spring Pool area is the most popular and has the pool activities. This pool has a water play area, a 128-foot-long slide, zero-depth entry and a water slide for littles. The On The Rocks Pool Bar is a stone throw away for your hydrating and nourishment needs. Lastly, my favourite, The Paddock Pool. With a 146-foot long waterslide, zero-depth entry and a pool bar that offers breakfast this pool area takes the cake. Nearby you can also find a water play area that has two water slides and is surrounded by deck chairs, tables and umbrellas. This area is gated off, great for families with multiple running young children. I am biased because this is our home resort, but I love this resort’s pools. There is so much variety for every age.

1.Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans Riverside.

1st place goes to two Moderate Level resorts: Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans Riverside. The large amount of pools accommodate for the large amount of guests found at these resorts. Similar to Coronado Springs, there’s a quiet pool for each neighbourhood of buildings and a feature pool found separately, close to all the action. Meaning the dining and lobby.

Caribbean Beach Resort is found in the Epcot Resort Area. There are five quiet pools and one feature pool. All pools have restrooms at hand, umbrellas and chairs. Aruba Pool is in close proximity to the beach and is very small. Martinique is a little larger but still small. Trinidad North Pool is again a little larger than the other two, it’s close to the road so you’ll hear some traffic from bus transportation. Trinidad South Pool is close to the beach and a playground. The Jamaica pool is average size, with a playground close by and the beach. This pool has a great view of the water. The feature pool is the Fuentes del Morro Feature Pool. The pool is zero-depth entry, there are two waterslides which disperses the line and adds variety. A water play area is steps away. There are a variety of quick service options, via the food truck or the main building. So you can either grab a bite and bring your food back to your pool side chair or enjoy a break from the pool side activities by heading inside. Although there are a variety of pools, this resort is very large so you need to hop on the bus transportation or take a long trek to make it to the feature pool. Making it a destination for a non-park day as opposed to a cool off at the end of a busy day.

Port Orleans Riverside is found in the Disney Springs resort area. Same as the Caribbean Beach, each neighbourhood of buildings has it’s own quiet pool and then there is a feature pool at the centre of the resort. Now different than the Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans is large but not as spread out. So the feature pool is easier to get to from where you are staying. Each swimming pool has a nearby restroom and is surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas. There are three quiet pools for the Alligator Bayou buildings. These pools are made to resemble lagoons so they are twisty in shape. The other two quiet pools, Magnolia Bend and Oak Manor, are stately. The feature pool is found on Ol’Man Island. You can access it from various areas of the resort. This pool is submerged in theming. Making it appear to be an old sawmill, with towers and posts everywhere. You’ll find a 95-foot long waterslide, kiddie pool, pool bar and closely located playground.

That’s all friends. As you can tell there are a variety of options for your pool loving family at every budget. Hopefully this will help you nail down the best choice for your next vacation at Walt Disney World.