Pools: Boardwalk’s Luna Park Pool

When deciding on which resort you want to stay at during your Disney vacation you may find yourself researching the different pools found at the different resorts. Some resort’s have many pools, whereas others have one or two but those pools have amazing slides or water play areas. That is true of the pool we’re looking at today: the Boardwalk’s Luna Park Pool

The Luna Park Pool is located in the Boardwalk’s DVC villa area of the resort but is open to all guests. The pool is surrounded by buildings, giving some privacy in an otherwise high traffic resort. The pool area is gated off, putting mothers at ease, you won’t have any escapes here. The entries into the pool have descending steps or ladders. Two lifeguards man the pool at all times.  Pool noodles and lifejackets are there for your use.

The main feature of this pool is the 200 foot long slide, making it the longest resort waterslide at Disney World. To get to the top of this slide you have to climb a tall wooden staircase. The waterslide looks like a wooden roller coaster you would have found at Cooney Island in the 20’s. The waterslide is not fast, it has a couple of large loops and then the exit is out of the mouth of a clown. Use your own discretion with this slide. It is long but totally fine for littles who are comfortable in the water. Both our littles were down it many times, ages 2 and 5. The pool is made in an odd shape to create space for guests to enjoy the pool without being in the exit area of the waterslide.

Deck chairs line the edge of the pool. Giving you a place to toss your towels, sunscreen and other toddler essentials while taking a nice dip. There are a lot of great things surrounding Luna Park Pool that will give you and your family a whole afternoon of activity on a non-park day.

There’s Leaping Horse Libations. A quick-service restaurant and lounge. Serving alcohol and a limited menu. You can eat at the bar or bring your food to one of the many tables surrounding the pool. Libations is open from 11am-10pm.

There’s also a foosball table located in the gated pool area as well as a kiddie pool.

Don’t confuse the kiddie pool for a water play area. A kiddie pool is simply a wading pool, 1ft 3m. Designed for young ones. On the other side of the water slide, tucked in the corner is a whirlpool.

Outside of the gated pool area is a large bathroom area, that has a few stalls for both men and women as well as fountains. Be aware that the bathrooms are accessible via the pathway to Hollywood Studios. Just be wary of sending younger ones to the bathroom on their own. The Boardwalk Playground is right next to the bathrooms. With two different structures, built on turf.

Recreation Cast Members are on hand throughout the afternoon hosting games, pool parties, chalk art and trivia. Your kids will be entertained and you will too. It will be a day or afternoon you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Now how do you find this Luna Park Pool? The Boardwalk is laid out a little differently than your standard resort. There are a couple ways to get to the Luna Park Pool, the easiest depends on which area of the resort you’re staying in. If you’re staying on the Inn side, you can make your way down to the Boardwalk and cross through the breezeway that’s home to Muscles & Bustle Health Club and Side Show Games Arcade. On the other side of the breezeway is the pool.

If you’re coming from the Villas, take the elevator all the way down to the ground floor. Walk outside after exiting the elevators and the pool area will be on your left.

The Boardwalk Inn & Villas opened back in 1996 and it is starting to show it’s age. This pool area is nothing like the heavily themed pools you’ll find at Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village or Art of Animation. It’s a great pool with some great features. Is it the main reason to stay at the Boardwalk? Not really but it is certainly an added bonus. Happy Planning Friends.

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