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Our Must Watch Disney Christmas Movies

Every single Christmas brings traditions that every family does. Maybe it’s heading down to your town’s Christmas parade, cutting down a Christmas tree at a local farm, decorating a gingerbread house. Among those traditions for our family is Disney Christmas movies. There are a few we watch together as a family and a few we just watch as a couple because let’s face it, they’re still a little old for our young ones.

Take a look at our must watch Disney Christmas movies, who knows maybe there’s one or two on our list that you’ve forgotten about.

Santa Clause

The first film of this franchise is the only one we choose to watch every single year. As a child born in the 80’s I can remember going to see this in theatres. I love the scene when they go to the North Pole, with all the elves making toys and the train being driven around the whole factory. Plus the sweaters Neil wears are worth the watch every single Christmas. If you’re not familiar, the movie is about a divorced father who has his son for Christmas. Santa arrives on the roof and he scares him off his roof. At which time he puts on the Santa Claus outfit and proceeds to become Santa Claus, much to the delight of his young son. The film is rated G, so it’s supposed to be good for all ages. Our kids still don’t love movies that aren’t animated so maybe next year will be the year we introduce them to this Disney Christmas film.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

This animate short has been a favourite of ours for years. We purchased it back when we were part of the Disney movie club and the DVC collection it’s on also has a few other Christmas favourites. This short has many of your favourite Disney characters popping up, like Clarabelle and Horrace, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Huey, Dewey and Louie also make appearances. It’s the story of a Christmas Carol summed up in a 26 minute film. It’s the perfect length for young ones who don’t normally watch TV or for an impromptu weeknight movie. The dark part of the story is shuffled around, making the story easier on those younger viewers.

Muppet’s Christmas Carol

I have LOVED this movie for decades. It’s a musical that has beautiful songs written by Miles Goodman. The main characters are played by Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat. Scrooge is played by Michael Cane, as you’d guess he’s not the most impressive singer but he does an alright job. This is one we watch with the kids, although the ghost of Christmas future looks a lot like a Dementor. But of course there’s enough of a happy ending to cloud the 10 minutes that are frightening. This film’s soundtrack is one that gets played in our home throughout the holiday season, it’s one you’ll want to add to your watch list, if not to your movie library.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree

This 6 minute short is one our DVD featuring Mickey’s Christmas Carol. It’s an animated short about Mickey and Pluto getting their Christmas tree but who happens to be living in it but Chip n Dale. This short doesn’t have a lot of talking, it’s mostly the chipmunks interacting with Pluto. It’s comical from beginning to end. Our littles always end up laughing throughout.

Small One

This animated short is also found on our Mickey’s Christmas Carol DVC. It’s the story of the donkey Mary rides to Bethlehem. With some beautiful music, this classic is great for the whole family. The tale of a boy who loves his donkey but is not allowed to keep him because he doesn’t add any value to the farm. He’s sent to town to sell him for the highest price but doesn’t want to send him to someone who will use him for his hid. The child is voiced by Sean Marshall, Pete from Pete’s dragon. You’ll also recognize other voice talents throughout the film. Another short one to add to your list of great Christmas films made by Disney.

Santa’s Workshop

One of the original Silly Symphony’s, Santa’s Workshop was first released in 1932. This workshop is filled with toys being assembled, placed into Santa’s sack to be taken to girls and boys all over the world. It’s basically set to music and doesn’t involve much dialogue. It’s another short one, only 7 minutes but it’s one I’ve always enjoy because I can remember it from when I was a child. It was on one of our Disney VHS’ and we’d watch it each Christmas season. My husband thinks Santa’s a little creepy but I think he’s charming.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

This film came out in 2009 and is the newest movie that’s on our must watch Christmas list. The film has Jim Carrey voicing the character of Scrooge and Gary Oldman voicing the character of Bob Cratchit. Of all the Christmas Carol movies I’ve seen this is the closest adaptation. The majority of the dialogue is taken straight from the story written by Charles Dickens. Because of this it is must scarier than many versions. There’s a scene with the Ghost of Christmas present and underneath his large cloak are Ignorance and Want. They are scary looking children that depict man’s downfalls. This scene in the film is dark and creepy. The animation is so good that the whole film seems very real so this scene can be quite frightening for young ones. We won’t be watching this one as a family for quite a few years. After the Muppet’s Christmas Carol this is the favourite on our list. I love the way Jim Carrey voices the character and find this version cuts down to the message of giving and love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one we sometimes watch around Halloween or we watch around Christmas, just depends. This Tim Burton film has the citizens of Halloween Town taking over Christmas, led by Jack Skellington the pumpkin king. Another film with a stellar soundtrack, the song “What Is This” is one of our family’s favourites. Another one on the list that’s very dark. The members of Halloween Town are very bizarre looking and can give anyone nightmares, hence the name. It’s rated PG but I don’t think I’ll be letting our kids watch this until they are 8.

Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland has be a favourite of mine since I was a young girl. We had it taped on a VHS from a screening on the Disney Channel. Annette Funicello, the famous mouseketeer plays the main character Mary. The film isn’t overly Christmas but half through the film the members of Mary’s family help the Toy Maker create toys for boys and girls for Christmas morning. A musical, filled with bright coloured costumes and beautiful music from Hebert and McDonough. The soldiers that are seen during the Magic Kingdom’s Christmas parade come from this film as does the song “Toyland”. If you love old musicals than you will truly enjoy this film.

With 18 days until Christmas, we have watched 4 on this list. So we have a bit of catching up to do. Especially with the many films coming to theatres this Christmas that we won’t want to miss. Enjoy your Christmas traditions, I hope they are filled with magic. For other ideas on how to keep the Disney magic alive in your home away from the parks, check out my Pinterest page. Happy Planning, Friends.