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Our Experience renting a stroller at Walt Disney World

If you’ve read some of my previous posts you would know that we are a family with young children. Currently we have a daughter 7 and two sons, 1 and 4. So on our last three Disney vacations, with kids, we’ve been in need of a stroller. Now if you’ve read my previous post on strollers you’ll know my first choice when it comes to strollers is to bring your own. There are a number of reasons for this: it’s necessary for the airport, you know your stroller, you’ll have it from the moment you arrive, among other reasons. But on our vacation last January we were travelling to the airport, a couple hours away from home, when I realized we did not pack the stroller! Talk about panic. We scanned Kijiji for a good-used double stroller but couldn’t rationalize buying one when we had a perfectly good one at home. So we decided we would have to rent one.

After getting the kids to sleep at the airport hotel, I scanned the internet for which rental option we should go with. I knew I didn’t want to go with renting straight from Disney because those strollers stay at the parks. We had many plans for non-park days, including a visit to Art of Animation, Disney Springs and Chip n Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-Long. I had previously researched a few companies for my post on strollers so I automatically went to their websites. Orlando Strollers got right back to us and to my surprise had no issues with our multiple resort stay. We would be picking up our stroller at Saratoga Springs and dropping it off at Boardwalk Inn & Villas.

We had a last minute reservation, needing our stroller in a day’s time when we arrived, and we got the stroller we wanted. We opted for the City Mini Double Stroller and had it for 10 days. The rental came to $116 and it was worth every penny. The concierge is so familiar with the ins and outs of these stroller rentals that it was no hassle. We only arrived at midnight so we had our rental scheduled for the following day and it was there during the time we had selected. We simply picked it up at the concierge and then used it for the length of our trip. The morning we were leaving, in the wee hours, we simply dropped it off at the concierge. It was really too easy.

We chose to take the insurance because we knew how many of these rentals are being used on a daily basis at the parks. You park your stroller in stroller parking and it’s next to 20 others that look exactly the same. So you can imagine how easily one can get taken by accident.

For how often these strollers must get used we were impressed by the the lack of wear and tear. They are well maintained and well cleaned. They were actually the right amount of used, because the stroller collapsed easily, and the buckles were a breeze to adjust. Making it easy to get the stroller adjusted to our specific needs. It also made it easy for getting on and off of transit throughout Walt Disney World property.

We booked our rental online. It was so easy to book and we received an email confirmation almost immediately.

I would still opt to bring our own stroller, especially since the next time we head to Disney we’ll have a one year old and having a stroller in the airport is key. But if it wasn’t for that, we would absolutely use Orlando Strollers Rentals again. If that’s the route you’re looking to take, renting a stroller for your Disney vacation, I would strongly recommend using Orlando Strollers. Click this link to connect to their website. For other posts on Disney vacations with young children take a look at these previous posts:

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