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My Favourite Place to Watch the Fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Why

The fireworks show is returning to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. What a sign that we are making progress to the way things were before. Happily Ever After is the fireworks show at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and it’s expected to be back on July 1st. This fireworks show is choreographed to the original song, “Happily Ever After”, as well as some of your favourite Disney songs. The show includes fireworks that sore above Cinderella’s Castle, which is found in the centre of the park. It also involves projections onto the castle. So although you can watch the show from anywhere in the Magic Kingdom there’s a particular place that I prefer to watch it.

Directly in front of the Castle

My favourite place to watch the fireworks show is right in front of the castle. To be more specific in the courtyard placed in the middle of the space in front of the castle.

There are 5 reasons why this is my favourite place to watch the fireworks:

  1. Projection

The fireworks show includes projections onto the castle. When you are behind the castle you can’t see this projection, and when you’re further up Main Street U.S.A. you can’t see them as clearly. When you’re placed in the courtyard in front of the castle you can see them in great detail.

2. Choreography

The fireworks are set off in an intentional way to create a masterpiece in the sky. They are designed to work together. When you place yourself in front of the castle you’re able to see the fireworks as they were intended. Creating shapes, colours and patterns in the night sky. When you are watching the show outside of the parks or in one of the other areas of the Magic Kingdom you loose this beautifully orchestrated dance.

3. Distractions

When Happily Ever After begins, all the lights in the area in front of the castle go out. Everything slows to a crawl while the focus is on the castle. If you are in one of the other areas of the park, guests are still hustling and bustling in and out of shops and attractions. If you are at the bottom of Main Street U.S.A., there are still people leaving the park and lots of people buying their last purchases. When you watch the fireworks show in front of the castle, you’re giving yourself an unobstructed experience.

4. Snacks

Leading up to the fireworks show, snack carts pull up to this area of the park. Giving you easy access to your favourite snack at the end of your day. Grabbing a snack helps keep the kiddos occupied, and curb off crankiness (for adults and kids). There’s typically popcorn, ice cream treats and lots of drinks. We always finish off our Magic Kingdom day with a bucket of Disney popcorn.

5. Last Minute Guests

Many people visit Disney World without making any plans. Hard to believe I know. But some show up with no expectations for the day, with no idea of where they’ll go and what they’ll do next. Many people see the fireworks show begin and then just stop and watch it where they are, or try to maneuver around people to get a good view. If you are stationed inside the courtyard it’s very hard for last minute guests to penetrate the area. They would spend the majority of the show squeezing through people. So by standing at this spot you will have the same view from beginning to end.

The fireworks show is one of my favourite parts of the day. We try to watch the twice each vacation, once inside the park, and another time at the DVC Top of the World Lounge. The music combined with the fireworks brings me to tears each and every time. Can’t wait to get back to experience it again.

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