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My 5 Favourite Disney World Rides

Walt Disney World is filled with magical entertainment, character experiences, delicious dining. But let’s be honest, a major draw to visit Disney World is it’s four theme parks and their attractions. Each park has its own set of rides that appeal to a wide variety of ages and interests. Not all attractions can be ridden by every guest, there are height restrictions and recommendations for those with health concerns and expectant mothers. And not all rides are always open, due to refurbishments or technical difficulties. But let’s say during your next Disney World vacation you could ride whatever attraction you wanted, they were all open and at your disposal. Which would you choose to ride over all others? I found this a tricky question to answer. I pulled together a list of my top 5 favourite rides at Walt Disney World and was surprised with the result. Here are my 5 favourite attractions and why.

5. Mickey’s Phillarmagic. Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland. All Heights.

Mickey’s Phillarmagic is found in the older part of Fantasyland across from Prince Charming’s Carrousel. This is a 3D show featuring some songs from classic films with Donald running amuck through all of them. The scenes are funny and fun. The seats are done up to create interactive elemetns through smell and feel. This attractions causes me to laugh, shout and cry. What more could you want?

4. Frozen Ever After. Epcot. Norway Pavilion. All Heights.

Even before this ride was redone into a Frozen attraction it was one of my favourites. This flume ride is fun and full of surprises. Guests sit in a long viking boat and tour through Elsa’s ice palace, hear the Frozen characters sing some Frozen tunes and have a visit from the Snowgies. What places Frozen Ever After as one of my favourites is going through Elsa’s ice palace. The effects are incredible, combined with the timing of music, I can’t ride through this without tearing up.

3. Toy Story Mania! Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Land. All Heights.

In this attraction, guests become apart of a midway attraction featuring characters from Toy Story. Riders have a video game shooter in front of them in their midway cart that allows them to play the games as they zoom along. At each game, guests rack up points for a final total. When going from one game to the other, guests are zip around in their cart. I love playing the games throughout this attraction. The competitive part of me loves to see the total rise throughout the ride. Zipping from game to game causes giggles to escape as I try to spy hidden Mickey’s. I also love that no matter what height, anyone can ride this. Which has allowed us to share this ride as a family no matter what age our kids were.

2. Hollywood Tower of Terror. Hollywood Studios. Sunset Blvd. 40 inches and Taller.

I love a thrill. Whether it’s being spooked by a ghost story or watching a good thriller, the unnerving feeling I get in such situations is the best! That’s one of the reasons I love Hollywood Tower of Terror. No matter how many times I ride this ride there’s always some element that will creep me out a bit. Sometimes it’s noticing a part of the attraction I’ve never seen before, or it’s the way one of the cast members interacts with me. I also love the unpredictability of how many times you’ll be dropping and in what variety. Over the last couple of trips I’ve loved taking our kids on this ride for their first time. Feeling them flying out of their seats as the elevator drops is priceless.

  1. Rise of the Resistance. Hollywood Studios. Galaxy’s Edge. 40 inches and Taller.

This new attraction is hands down my favourite ride at Walt Disney World. I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars franchise since childhood. The storylines and characters are ingrained in me. But it’s not just the connection with Star Wars that makes this attraction so fantastic. Rise of the Resistance is a multi layered attraction. Using several steps to complete the experience. Guests get captured by the First Order after helping with the Resistance. Guests board a first order ship and are brought to a holding cell. In this holding cell, guests are loaded onto the final stage of the ride that has constant twists and turns that leave you breathless. For more details on what you need to know about the Rise of the Resistance attraction click here.

With three of my favourite rides being located in Hollywood Studios you’d think it would be my favourite park. But there is so much more to Disney World than just the rides. The food, entertainment and design all lend a hand in creating the theme park. All those pieces are what make Magic Kingdom my favourite theme park to visit. For more on that click here. For more on creating a fantastic trip to Walt Disney World check out these other posts:

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