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Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, the land I always remember starting our Magic Kingdom day with before we had kids. We would head straight for Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. But there is so much more than that in the land of Tomorrow. Attractions for the whole family, including the Astro Orbiter- a must for all guests, and of course the Tomorrowland Speedway. With a few places to grab a bite, some great shopping and a visit to Buzz Lightyear, Tomorrowland is a must stop on any visit to the Magic Kingdom. Check out all the things there are to discover. Looking for something specific? Jump straight to one of the categories with a click: attractions, dining, shopping, characters and restrooms.


Astro Orbiter

This fantastic ride has been a staple for decades. This attraction is featured in many Disney games and is another ride that I never went on until our honeymoon, another reason to take the every ride challenge. Take an elevator up to the astro orbiter and be seated solo, or with your little, and be lifted high into the sky overlooking the Magic Kingdom. The view you get from the Astro Orbiter makes it an amazing attraction to save for the evening. The Magic Kingdom lit up at night is spectacular. Warning it does go very fast, so hang on to your little one and their hat. We’ve had many a hat fly off during these flights. This is truly a must do, because of the view.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This attraction is found in the shadow of the Astro Orbiter beside Monsters Inc’s Laugh Floor. It’s another attraction that’s for all heights. That being said, your smaller travellers won’t be able to reach the guns to participate in the attraction. On this ride you’ll climb aboard your very own ship with 2 laser guns. The goal is to shoot as many Zs as you can find to defeat Captain Zurg. The more Zs you shoot the more points you get. It’s like an immersive video game. The attraction is popular so grab a FastPass, or stop by first thing in the morning or late in the evening to avoid lines.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

This attraction has no height requirement, so it’s great for the whole family. You’ll find the Laugh Floor on your immediate right upon entering Tomorrowland from in front of Cinderella’s Castle. This is more entertainment than attraction. It’s a stage show featuring some of your favourite characters from Monsters Inc. The Laugh Floors goal is to get you to laugh and fill up a canister with laughs. Monsters will come out and crack you up and sometimes even get you to participate in the show. It’s a very impressive experience. Coming to the Laugh Floor is a great way to get a break from the heat and a rest from your feet.

Space Mountain

This thrill ride is a roller coaster in the dark. The height requirement is 44 inches, which is approximately 6 years of age. Sit solo in a space rocket tandem for three and be lifted high and dropped as you rocket through space. As you’d expect this ride is extremely popular. So take advantage of the rider switch pass or FastPass. As you’d expect this ride is not recommend to those with back problem, heart issues or with child. If you love a good roller coaster then do not miss this, it doesn’t get old with age. You can ride it again and again and it’s still fantastic.

Stitch’s Great Escape Show

This attraction is only open during peak seasons, which helps with the crowd level. So if you’re at Walt Disney World during a down time then I wouldn’t count on it being open. Stitch’s Great Escape is an immersive experience, guests will crowd into a lab like circular room, where you’ll be strapped in. It gets very dark as scientist loose track of Stitch. The premise and storyline of the attraction are not scary but the darkness can be unnerving for those easily scared. The height requirement for this attraction is 40 inches, approximately 4 years of age. But of course use your discretion. This is not a fun, loveable experience with Stitch.

Tomorrowland Speedway

A perfect ride for littles and car racing fans, the Tomorrowland Speedway puts you in the driver’s seat, literally. Although the cars are on a track, your movement of the wheel makes the car move back and forth. Making this attraction long if the driver is experimental in their driving skills. The location of the wheel makes it perfect for littles to take the wheel while the adult controls the pedal. There can be a lot of bumping so it’s not recommended for people with back issues or those guests who are pregnant. It’s an extremely popular ride, and it’s outside, so waiting in this line can be really hot. If it’s a must do on your list then grab a FastPass.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

Another attraction at the Magic Kingdom that’s for the whole family, load yourself on the people mover and get a tour of Tomorrowland. You’ll sit on a bench seat, facing the other people in your cart and you’ll travel through and around Tomorrowland. Being taken into Space Mountain and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. It’s a fun little ride that takes you inside and outside. One of our littles favourite things about this ride is you have to take an escalator to the ride. Even when the line is long, the wait time is short because the ride is constantly moving.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

We stumbled upon this gem on our honeymoon and make it a priority on every Magic Kingdom visit. Come into this rotating theatre and watch as a family progresses through the century. There are four different stages that this family will tell you the major inventions and changes of the era. All to the tune of “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”. The show lasts around 20 minutes. Another great place to get a break from the heat and crowds. Also an ideal spot to feed a nursing baby or give your littles some much needed quiet time.


There are five dining locations at Tomorrowland. All serving lunch and dinner. None of these locations at table service restaurants but one is a quick-service restaurant where you can grab your food and then grab a table cafeteria style. All other locations are counter service with a few tables located close by for those who want to sit and eat their snack.

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies

The perfect spot in Tomorrowland to grab a soft serve ice cream. Auntie Gravity’s is home to the seasonal milkshake, it changes depending on the season, you can also find ice cream floats, sundaes, and soft serve in a cone or a cup. Aunty Gravity’s is found beside Mickey Star Traders, a Tomorrowland shop.

Cool Ship

Serving mostly beverages, including energy drinks and vitamin water. Cool Ship also serves hot dogs and churros. Open from noon until 8pm.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Here’s your quick-service location at Tomorrowland. Open from 10am until 7pm, guests will find ample seating, plenty of places to order and your typical fast food with a couple of healthy choices. The menu is mostly made up of burgers and fries and nuggets but there is a large selection of peanut free and gluten free items. Cosmic Ray’s is found as guests enter Tomorrowland from Fantasyland, across from the Tomorrowland Speedway.

The Lunching Pad

Found directly underneath the people mover, stay sheltered from the sun and the rain while enjoy a quick bite. Here you can find some fountain pop, slushies, a variety of pretzels, and churros. You can also grab a pulled pork sandwich or a hot dog.


Merchant of Venus

Your place to find Star Wars items at the Magic Kingdom. You’ll find Storm Trooper helmets, Star Wars toys and of course plenty of apparel. You don’t have to travel all the way to Hollywood Studios to find great Star Wars merch, you can find it right here in the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey’s Star Traders

At this store you’ll find a variety of items, from mugs to clothing to plush toys. If you have a big stitch fan in your group then you’re likely to find something here that will fit their bill. Open from park open until park close.

Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

This shop is located at the exit of Space Mountain, but can be accessed from the outside. A great place to kill time while some of the members of your party are riding this thrill ride. You’ll find some unique items here including Space Mountain shirts and collectibles. Open from park open to park close.

Ursa’s Major Minor Cart

The place to grab minnie and mickey ears in Tomorrowland. Skip the long lines of the indoor shops and grab the hat your looking for by charging it on your MagicBand.


Buzz Lightyear

At the exit of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, meet Buzz Lightyear himself. Buzz will pose for a picture and stamp your autograph book. That’s right, no signature here, he has his very own stamp. Buzz appears here periodically from 10am until 4:45pm.


There are two restrooms located in Tomorrowland. One is located between Space Mountain and the Carousel of Progress. This location is also the smoking location in Tomorrowland so I would steer clear of this one. The other is located between Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and Mickey’s Star Traders Shop.

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