Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom: Frontierland

Magic Kingdom is home to six magical lands: Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Adventureland and Frontierland. Today’s post is going to focus on what you can find in Frontierland. From attractions to dining, shopping and characters. Before we look at the specifics let’s get a bird’s eye view of this Magic Kingdom Land. Frontierland is found in the north western area of the park. (Appropriately I think). You can access Frontierland from Liberty Square or Adventureland. You can also get to Frontierland by using the Walt Disney World railroad. The train makes a stop in Frontierland after Main Street U.S.A. You may assume that this area is for kids 40 inches and above because of the attractions found here but there is a special area for younger travellers as well. So let’s take a look at what you can find in Frontierland.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The wildest ride in the West is a fantastic roller coaster that’s for any guest 40″ and taller. The roller coaster takes quick turns, has quick climbs and drops. The bench seating allows for up to three passengers and secures guests in with a pull down bar. This coaster is very popular and has long lines but the line moves very quickly because the coaster holds so many guests and there’s two going at a time. If you have a smaller rider, sit them between two guests so they don’t get smooshed up against the hard side. My mom and I took my daughter on this when she turned 5 and she loved it. And I can honestly that I’ve never tired of it either. It’s not scary, like Space Mountain. But it’s fun and a little thrilling.

Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade

Pick up a gun and try your hand at shooting. This attraction has an extra cost but is always open. Any smaller guest made need a little boost to get a good aim.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Hop on the train to get to the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. The train makes three stops, one at Storybook Circus, one at Main Street U.S.A. and one in Frontierland. This can be a nice break from tired feet and can get you to two areas of the park that are so far from Frontierland.

Splash Mountain

Cool off on this flume ride that takes you through the tale of Brer Rabbit. The story from the old film Songs of the South is told as guests glide along in their log boat. The big drop is very clear to all from the big visual as you walk by but there are a couple of other drops throughout the ride to be aware of. These drops can get you wet too, so make sure to keep your valuables tucked away. There is a darker storyline to this attraction. With vultures taunting you as you climb to your big decent. This may scare younger guest so be aware. FastPasses are available for this attraction and so is the single rider line. Take advantage of either or.

Tom Sawyer Island

Take a boat ride over to Tom Sawyer Island, where you can run around and explore caves, mills and forts. A great place for kids to run wild during a day full of waiting and sitting. There’s plenty of maps on the island to make you sure of where you are at any given time.

Laughing Place Playground

Hidden under the railway, there’s a perfect place for your youngest travellers to spend some time. Roam around inside this little play house and slide down the slide. The perfect place to kill some time waiting for older kids to ride the two mountains.


Golden Oak Outpost

Located on the border of Adventureland and Frontierland, this little kiosk offers waffle fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets. They also offer two speciality milkshakes: Rocky Road and Dulce de Leche. Opens at noon and closes at 5pm.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

My favourite quick-service location in Magic Kingdom. It even surpasses Be Our Guest. Chow down on Mexican fare, with your choice of tacos, fajitas, rice bowls, nachos. And you can load them all up with the toppings of your choice from their toppings bar. Pecos opens at 10:45am and stays open until park close. This restaurant also has ample seating inside and out. For the full details click the heading.

Westward Ho

Westward Ho is a little kiosk located in Frontierland, close to the water. A great spot to grab a quick breakfast after running to get the two mountains done after rope drop. They serve a breakfast sandwich and candied bacon skewers. They also have a few speciality coffees. During the remainder of the day you can find corn dogs, and chicken skewers.


Big Al’s

At this little kiosk you’ll find some cowboy and cowgirl costumes. Maybe a cowboy hat, a toy gun or a raccoon hat. Big Al is one of the bears from the Country Bear Jamboree and you never know exactly what will be sold from his kiosk.

Briar Patch

Just as you’re approaching the entrance of Splash Mountain, there’s the Briar Patch store. This small little store sells specific Splash Mountain items as well as some odd general merchandise. Take a look in here because you may find an item here that’s not sold anywhere else.

Frontier Trading Post

The perfect spot to find some pins in Frontierland is Frontier Trading Post. You can get pins and lanyards here as well as Disney World unique hats. Like Goofy, Mickey, or Donald hats. There’s also Western themed items as well.

Prairie Outpost and Supply

Right beside Frontier Trading Post is the place to grab a snack in Frontierland. A sweet snack that is. Here you’ll find lollipops as big as your face, jellybeans galore, character apples and other sweets. A great place to find snacks to take home or save for later when you’re watching the fireworks.

Splashdown Photos

This shop is found as you’re exiting Splash Mountain. Here you can purchase your Splash Mountain photo and a frame to go with it. It’s here that you can find Splash Mountain shirts.


There are no official character spots in Frontierland but we’ve spotted Clarabelle Cow wandering around these parts, as well as Woody and Jessie if they’re so inclined. So have your autograph book out just in case.


Country Bear Jamboree

A family favourite. We love to take in the Country Bear Jamboree as a way to wind down from an otherwise busy day. The show features Bears performing Western tunes in grand costumes. The show lasts about 15 minutes and runs from 11am until 8pm.