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Kid’s Vacation Clothes

Planning a Disney World vacation for the coming year? There’s so many things to prepare: restaurant reservations, FastPasses, which parks to go to which days. If you’re planning a visit to Walt Disney World during the winter months then now is the time to make sure your children will have the appropriate clothes for your trip.

When you’re going to be heading to Disney World with babies and toddlers, this can mean a whole different size. Our youngest will be 12 months when we go on our trip this January. That’s three months away, so he’ll be in a whole new set of clothing. 18 month summer clothes is what he’ll need. Our two older kids should be able to get away with the clothing they had for last summer. But just in case they go though a major growth spurt between now and then, we have a few new summer things purchased in bigger sizes.

Now we like to make sure our kids have themed clothing for our vacation. Character shirts for character meals. Shirts with animals for our Animal Kingdom day, Star Wars for our Hollywood Studios day. This helps with the character interaction and makes for a great photo. Our youngest has a great selection with many Mickey pieces but I’d like to find something Star Wars for him for one of our Hollywood Studios days. Lincoln has everything he needs, Star Wars shirts and sweaters, Mickey and Donald shirts, and a favourite Lion King shirt. MacKenzie on the other hand, she has plenty of princess dresses, whether they’ll actually fit her in January is another story. So I’m going to keep my eye out for a couple of clearance items over the next month.

It can be very tricky to find summer clothes in January, February and March. And what you can find is going to be sold at a premium, so do yourself a favour and look through your kids clothes now. You may not think you’ll want your kids all dressed up in Disney clothes for your vacation but when you arrive you’ll be surrounded by families dressed in Disney gear and you may find yourself spending a big chunk of your vacation budget on clothing.

You can also look at individualized items that can be purchased on etsy. These can make for great trip reveals and gifts for occasions leading up to your vacation.

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