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Keeping the Magic: Parade Day

Every Saturday and Sunday morning my husband used to enjoy watching an episode of House of Mouse with our daughter, 18 months at the time, on YouTube. It didn’t take long for the episodes to run dry. After coming back from our family trip to Walt Disney World we thought to look for the Festival of Fantasy Parade on YouTube. The gates were opened. Every stage show and parade from Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney are on YouTube. Some of your old time favourites, such as Celebrate a Dream Come True, and Paint The Night are at your finger tips. Also, current favourites Fantasmic, Beauty and the Beast On Stage and the Festival of Lion King are available. Many of these videos are HD quality and edited for the best view from different angles. It is now a weekend tradition to have 2 parades while we eat our breakfast. One will be a stage show, like Voyage of the Little Mermaid or Fantasy Faire: Tangled. The second is a parade, such as Festival of Fantasy or the Soundsational Parade. This is a great way to keep the magical memories alive in the hearts of your little ones. Check out some of our family favourites:

Mickey and the Magical Map

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

Disney Junior: Live on Stage

Disney Stars on Parade

Or head to YouTube and type in the title of your favourite parade and stage show. For best quality check out ones that have 4D or HD in their title. I hope you enjoy sharing these with your family as much as we do with ours.

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