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Keeping the Magic: Growth Chart

Measuring our children is a great way to chart their growth and development. Growth charts are a staple at many peoples homes and some children’s bedrooms. Maybe you measure your child on the inside of a door frame, or on a family growth chart. For us, we measure our two kids on our daughter’s growth chart. This chart has all the height requirements for rides at Walt Disney World. At 35 inches we have The Barnstormer, at 38 inches we have the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, at 40 inches we have Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror and Star Tours. Whenever we measure our kids we talk to them about how soon they’ll be tall enough to ride the next ride. When they finally reach the height we get all excited about the next vacation we’re going to take and the new experiences we’re going to share together. This trickles out into our daily lives, discussing the importance of eating a well balanced diet so they can continue to grow to try those new rides. It keeps the magic of the Disney Parks always apart of our lives.

To do the same thing purchase a growth chart. At each of the height levels write the rides they will be able to enjoy once they reach that height. Measure you’re child once every couple of months  and as a family watch as your child grows closer and closer to that next grouping of rides. The excitement is as much theirs as it is yours. I hope you and your family enjoy this as much as we enjoy doing this with our children.

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