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How We Got Tickets to DVC Moonlight Magic

There are many benefits to being DVC members. Great accommodations, reduced ticket prices, discounts at many Disney dining experiences, among many others. One of the latest benefits are DVC Moonlight Magic Events. These events give members with tickets free entrance into one of the theme parks for the evening. With special character appearances, free food, and access to many of your favourite attractions. Last year was the first year for these special member events, all a part of Disney Vacation Club’s 25th anniversary celebration. They were so popular they brought them back this year, with more dates. 

Last September we were supposed to attend one of these Moonlight Magic events at Animal Kingdom, but our trip was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. We just missed a Moonlight Magic event at the Magic Kingdom on our last vacation. When we were tossing around the idea of returning to Walt Disney World this year, we knew we wanted to return during dates that would allow us to attend one of these events. 

DVC has placed strict rules around these events, due to their popularity and to try and spread the wealth. With many members in the area, these local members don’t necessary need to travel far and wide to make it to these events. So DVC made two reservation windows: one for those with reservations at a Disney resort during the dates of the event and another for members without reservations. Up until now, each event has been sold out before the second date arrives. 

Tickets are only available online. Guests can not cue on the telephone to receive these tickets. When you make a reservation for your Disney resort you should receive an email from DVC that gives you a special link to be able to register for these special tickets. If you don’t receive one within five days of the registration date give member services a call and they will send you one, to make sure you can get those coveted tickets. 

The key to acquiring these tickets is timing. Be aware of when you can register and be prepared. Be at your laptop or on your mobile device ten minutes before the registration opens and tap that link. Have all the information you’ll need. Including your DVC membership number and your reservation number. 

How do you know when these events are coming up? At the beginning of the year you should have received in the mail a booklet listing all the special events for members including these Moonlight Magic Events. The other place to find this information is on the DVC website. Here you’ll be able to find out when you can register for the event and then mark that date on your calendar. A week before take a look back just in case they’ve had to adjust the dates for any particular reason. When on the DVC website hover over My DVC Membership, and then click Membership Magic 2018. On this page is a list of member events, including Moonlight Magic. Click More Moonlight Magic 2018, this page gives you detailed information about each of these events, along with the dates of registration. 

We struggled a bit with our registration for the Moonlight Magic Event at Epcot. We tried to acquire our tickets via the website, with the link provided on the events homepage, but it was not working. My husband got a hold of member services and they informed us of the email we should have received and then gave him the link he needed to get the tickets. At that point, 30 minutes after the registration had opened, the first event was already sold out. Luckily we wanted tickets for the second event and were able to register and get tickets for the event. But it was a stressful situation, and not as easy as it should have been. So make sure you have been sent the email from member services with the link. If you have not give them a call. 

Can’t wait to go and experience this special event for Vacation Club members and then to share it with all of you upon our return. Happy Planing, Friends. 

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