How We Got into Stormalong Bay without Staying at the Beach Club or Yacht Club

Stormalong Bay is by far the most impressive pool on Walt Disney World property. There are three different pools at Stormalong Bay: one has its own sandbar (with pails and shovels for guest use), the second has its own lazy river with tubes and the third is home to a real whirlpool, three waterfalls that you can swim under and quick sand. Stormalong Bay is also home to a 230-foot long water slide. Now this pool is exclusive to guests staying at either the Yacht Club, Beach Club or Beach Club villas. This is said to be true of many pools, including Boulder Ridge at Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom – Kidani Village. But none of those other pool areas have security. At Stormalong Bay there is security at each and every single pool entrance to ensure the only people using this pool are guests at these two resorts.

Now we’ve been floating around a couple different theories as to why they are so tight on this pool’s access. Here’s a couple we came up with. 1. Low capacity. The limit for swimmers is just over a thousand. That may seem like a lot but when you consider the size of these two resorts, this pool could certainly reach capacity during the busy season. 2. Crescent Lake. Beach Club and Yacht Club sit on Crescent Lake which is home to three other resorts: Swan and Dolphin as well as the Boardwalk Inn & Villas. All these guests are within walking distance of Stormalong Bay. If everyone in this resort area used this pool, the guests staying at Beach and Yacht Club wouldn’t be able to use it. 2 very good reasons. The Beach Club and Yacht Club are two very expensive resorts and if people paying a high cost are expecting to use this pool then they should really be able to use it.

On our last vacation, Jeff was determined to spend some time at Stormalong Bay. So the plan was to try and sneak in either before our lunch at Beaches & Cream or after. Before we dined at Beaches & Cream we tried one entrance and the security scanned our MagicBands. It clearly showed we were staying at Saratoga Springs, Jeff tried to pull off the “We’re DVC members and we get to pool hop” even though we know that the restriction includes Stormalong Bay. Access denied. We ate an amazing lunch at Beaches & Cream and then tried 2 other entrances, each time being turned down. We were about to head to over to the Boardwalk Luna Park Pool when Jeff tried one more entrance and sure enough we got in! The security said they felt generous. Lucky for us!

When you get into Stormalong Bay you will be given a band that you do not want to take off. This gains you easy access to Stormalong Bay. Now these bands change every day so just because you pool hop and get in one day does not mean you’ll get access the next. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Stormalong Bay, it reminded us that this resort needs to be on our list for an upcoming trip. It’s a great place for young kids. Especially the sandbar area. Jeff also said the waterslide was his favourite for pool waterslides. Making it great for every one of your swimmers, big or small.

On our last day of our vacation we returned to the Yacht Club for our final signature meal, and as we walked by Stormalong Bay I noticed the gates were open. Which means, you can pool hop at this exclusive pool in the evenings. So if you really want to check out this pool when you’re staying at another Disney resort, make your way to these Crescent Lake resorts in the evening and you’ll be in the clear. Otherwise your chances are very unlikely.

Happy Planning, Friends.

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