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How To Survive Lines at Disney World

Waiting in line for attractions at Walt Disney World is a necessary evil. Some lines don’t take too long but generally speaking you can expect an average 30 minute wait, when we’re not taking FastPass + into account. Maybe you are a fantastic conversationalist, and a long wait in line is the opportunity you’ve always wanted to connect with your fellow guests. But for the rest of us, it’s nice to have a few strategies on how to make the time pass pleasantly. So here are a few ideas:

Play Heads Up

This fantastic game is available for your smart phone for free. This fun game has one person holding the phone on their forehead while someone else, or multiple someones, gives them clues as to what the answer is. There are several categories to choose from including Animals Gone Wild, Act It Out, Blockbuster Movies. While playing this game you’ll be shocked when you’re ready to bored the attraction.

Order your next meal on Mobile Ordering

Many of Disney World’s quick-service and counter service restaurants have the mobile ordering service. This can be found on the MyDisneyExperience app and allows guests to order their meals ahead of time. You simply hop on the app, pick your restaurant, peruse the menu, make your pick, choose the time you wish to pick it up and order. Since you have time, you can really look through the menu and decide which entree you’d most prefer. For more information on mobile ordering click here.

Look at the Menu for your Next Reservation

Spending a lot of time sitting down at a table service restaurant during my day at a theme park is not high on my priority list. Yes, I love to take a break from the busyness of the park. I love to sit and enjoy my meal but it takes time. Time to get seated, time to have the server get the drinks and so on. So it’s fantastic to arrive at the restaurant already knowing what we want to order, or at least narrowing down the choices. So while waiting in line for an attraction, we like to open up our next reservations menu to figure out what each of us would like to eat. This way when we arrive, we’ve already made our choices. It also has us anxiously awaiting our next meal.

Check the Map or Times Guide for What you Want to do Next

Generally speaking, I have most of our park days planned out. A detailed blueprint of where we’re going and what we’re doing. But even with all that planning there can be wiggle room. So while we’re waiting in line we like to pull out the map and see what we’re around and what we’d like to do next. I like to do this with a paper map and times guide instead of the MyDisneyExperience app because it saves battery and it’s easier for multiple people to look at it at the same time. Every single visit I always grab a map and times guide, it’s marvellous to have them handy.

Play 20 Questions

This classic game can be played multiple times, can involve many people and doesn’t require a device. Have one person think of something and then try to guess it by asking 20 questions. Even our older kids, 8 and 6, enjoy participating in this one. For more ideas on what to do in lines with kids click here.

Take Unique Pictures

Many of these attractions have lines that weave through well thought out design. These are to place guests in the story of the attraction and can make fantastic spots to grab a fun picture or two. And you’ve got to time to angle it the right way and with the right filter to create fantastic shots.

Enjoy a Snack

While waiting in line to get on your next attraction, take the time to eat a snack. Maybe grab something on the way in or grab something from your backpack. Just be sure it’s not a ride that will have the snack coming back up again. There are several garbage cans stationed along the lines so you don’t have to pocket your garbage. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to eat it, or that it’s a snack that can be packed away even it’s not done.

Go Through Pictures

Take the time to go through the pictures you’ve taken that day and get rid of the ones that don’t make the cut.

Read a Book

With most of these suggestions, we’re going on the assumption you are in line with other people. But sometimes you may be in line alone. There were many trips, when our kids were much younger, that my husband and I would trade off waiting in line for rides our kids couldn’t ride. Using the rider switch pass of course. So these times we were waiting in line on our own. If this is going to be your reality for your vacation then you may want to throw a book on your phone. It will save you from spending endless time on social media while waiting your turn.

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