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How To Save Money on Disney World Park Tickets

A vacation to Walt Disney World is on many people’s bucket lists. Visiting the Theme Parks, experiencing all the iconic rides, and the immersive new lands. A trip to Disney World includes many costs: travel cost, accommodations, food and park tickets. You want to find ways to save wherever you can, and feel like you got the best deal for your vacation. Today we’re looking at how you can get cheaper theme park tickets for your Disney World vacation.

Buy Ahead of Time

If you purchase your tickets upon arrival, the prices will be higher. When you buy your tickets online, ahead of time, you’re expected to get a 20% reduced rate. This is not a reduced rate from what’s advertised online, it’s simply more expensive when you buy at the window. Prices are advertised as $109 per day, you can expect to pay $120 per day, if you buy the day of at the park.

The More Days You Buy the Cheaper it is Per Day

The more days you buy tickets for, the less expensive the per day pass is. But this discount doesn’t really apply until you surpass four days. From one park day to two park days, you’re only seeing a reduction of $2 per day per ticket. From three days to four days, it’s again only a $2 per day per ticket reduction. Now from a four day park pass to a five day park pass, there’s a $15 per day reduction. The base price for a daily ticket is $109. The base price for a 5 day park pass is $88 per day, which equates to $440.

Quieter Times of Year are Cheaper

The price of tickets escalates during busier times of year. Christmas time is one of the busiest times of year at Walt Disney World, the base price of a per day ticket ranges from $131 to $141. The prices even fluctuate per day. The cheaper prices will be during the quieter times of year.

Stay at a Disney Resort

Staying at one of the Disney World Resorts can give you a reduced ticket price. This isn’t always so, but there are times that guests staying at the Disney World resorts can buy a 6 day pass for the price of a 4 day pass. Guests staying at a Disney World resort also get more value for their tickets, because they get to stay at the parks longer. Guests staying at all Disney World Resorts have access to Extra Magic Hours in mornings at select theme parks on select days. This means reduced crowds which means shorter wait times. Guests staying at Deluxe Resorts also have access to nighttime Extra Magic Hours, giving even more value to their ticket.

Stick to Standard Tickets

There are several ticket options for Walt Disney World: standard tickets, water park and sports option, park hopper and park hopper plus. Once you start adding on the different options, the price of the tickets increase. Yes there’s added value in this increases but if you’re looking for places to save, this is a great spot. Park hopping is unnecessary, for more on that click here. Most of the resorts have incredible pools with waterslides, making the water park and more option redundant. If you find yourself wanting to add these options to your vacation, you can always do that later in your planning process or when you arrive on your vacation. It’s easier to pay more money for something at a later date, in lieu of asking for money back.

Residents Passes

Those with Florida residences can get a reduced price on tickets. Guests must have id proving they have a property in Florida, and will be expected to pick up their tickets at one of the many guests relations windows found around Walt Disney World property. There have also been specially priced tickets offered to guests from different countries. We’ve taken advantage of the Canadian offers several times, where we get a 6 day park pass for the cost of 4, or some kind of variety of that deal. But again, guests taking advantage of these deals must check in with guests relations to prove citizenship with their passport.

There you have it friends, 6 ways you can save on tickets for Walt Disney World. My go to move is to always spend less and then you can add on later. Buy the standard ticket and then adjust it later if you want. But always buy ahead of time. You don’t want to have to deal with buying tickets when you arrive at the park, you don’t want to waste time at the ticket window, you don’t want sticker shock and you don’t want to find out that the park is already full.

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