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How To Get Free Transportation from the Airport to Disney World

Travelling, vacationing, the costs add up. Especially now with the added fees from the airlines. Seems like every time we travel there’s a new “fee” that we have to pay for on top of our ticket price. One fee you don’t have to worry about when vacationing at Walt Disney World, at one of the Disney resorts, is transportation from the airport to your Disney resort. Walt Disney World provides that service for you through Disney’s Magical Express. This is a bus service that picks up guests at the Orlando International Airport and takes you directly to your Disney World resort.

This is a service that you need to sign up for ahead of time. You can not simply show up when your flight lands. When you are booking your Disney vacation, make sure to provide your travel agent, or the Disney cast member you’re speaking with, your flight information. If you don’t have your flights booked when you book your vacation, or you book your vacation online, you simply have to call this number to book your Magical Express: (407) 939-1936 for those in the US and Canada, if you’re travelling from the UK call 0800 16 90 730.

You need to make these reservations well in advanced to make sure you receive your Magical Express package. In this package will be your luggage tags that will allow your luggage to head straight to your resort without you haven’t to pick it up at baggage claim. If you find yourself booking a last minute vacation or are only making your Magical Express reservation a few days before, the process for check in for the Magical Express will just take longer than normal.

Disney’s Magical Express is only available from the Orlando International Airport. And is found on the ground level of the airport. Ahead of time you’ll receive a package in the mail that has important information and paperwork. On your paperwork will be a sku that will be scanned to give you admittance onto the bus service. For those that receive their MagicBands at home, you’ll be able to scan your MagicBand instead of the provided sku. If you’re reusing your MagicBand then this will also work.

If you’re a DVC member, you can book your Magical Express online yourself. Log in to the DVC website and under the My DVC tab you’ll see Disney Magical Express Service under the My Vacation heading.

Scroll down this page and you can fill in your flight information. You have to provide your flight number as well as the guests who are travelling with you.

Once you have submitted your form you’ll get to this page.

You should receive your Disney Magical Express paperwork 6 weeks before your arrival date. If you haven’t received it by then you should call the numbers provided above. This service is an incredible benefit to staying at the Disney Resorts, for more information on your experience on the Magical Express check out this previous post.