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How Much Does a Trip To Disney Cost

The cost of a Disney World vacation is extremely relative. It’s not as simple as, the longer you stay the more expensive it is. There are a lot of variables that affect the overall cost of a Disney World trip. Today’s post is going to explore three major contributors in your overall Disney World vacation cost and will hopefully give you a ballpark for how much you can expect yours to be.

Just Tickets

Maybe your staying with friends in Orlando or your folks are renting a place an hour drive away. Your trip to Disney World doesn’t necessarily include a night stay at one of their resorts. If you’re just purchasing tickets, the more days you buy, the cheaper the tickets are per day. Also, if you buy your tickets ahead of time, they’ll also be cheaper. Tickets start at $109 per day for guests 10+, for a four day pass you’ll be paying $459 (that’s taxes included). If you’re checking out one of the holiday parties then that will be another cost. A ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will cost approximately $99 per ticket. You can also choose park hopper theme park tickets. These tickets allow you to visit more than one park a day. This carries an additional cost. For a one park hopper pass you’ll pay approximately $169 per ticket, $544 (taxes included) for a four day park pass. One other park pass option is the park hopper plus. This gives you access to the two water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Mini Golf courses and the Oak Trail Golf Course. A park hopper plus ticket costs $189 per day, a 4 day park hopper plus ticket is $565 (taxes included). For more in depth information about the different park passes check out this previous post. So depending on the type of trip to Disney World you’re hoping to take your park ticket could be as low as $99 or as much as $189.

Staying on Site

There are four categories of Disney Resorts: Value, Moderate, Deluxe and Deluxe Villa. Value is the most inexpensive and Deluxe Villas will be the most costly. In each of these categories there is a least expensive resort and a most expensive resort. There are more differences than just cost in the categories of resorts, check out this previous post on what these are. There’s also the campground found at Fort Wilderness, where campsites cost $60 per night. In the value resort category a cost of a room can range from $120 per night to $401 per night. In the moderate resort category the cost of a room can range from $210 per night to $368 per night. In the Deluxe resort category the cost of a room can range from $420 to $662 per night. In the Deluxe Villa category the cost per night can range from $380 to $688 for a Deluxe Studio. All of these are based on the regular rate. You can often get these rooms at a reduced rate. Use these tricks from this previous post to find out how. If you’re staying for 6 nights, the cost of your vacation could be $360 for your campsite and $544 for your four day park hopper pass. Or it could cost $2520 for a Deluxe resort room and $459 for a four day park pass.

With Dining Plan

The Dining Plan is a meal credit program that is offered to all guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort. There are three different programs: Quick-Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan or the Deluxe Dining Plan. For more information on each of these plans click here. When you purchase one of these plans, you’re paying for your meals ahead of time. You then receive meal credits for each night of your stay to use at restaurants found at the theme parks, resorts, water parks and Disney Springs. You can add any of these plans to your vacation package. If you’re lucky you may be able to take advantage of the free dining plan that’s offered a couple times a year. The Quick-Service Meal Plan costs $52.49 per night. The Disney Dining Plan costs $75.49 per night. The Deluxe Dining Plan costs $116.25 per night. For a 6 night stay on the Disney Dining Plan ($452.94), at a moderate resort ($2520), with a four day park hopper pass ($544), you’re looking at a total vacation cost of $3500. For a 6 night stay on the Quick-Service Dining Plan ($314.94), at a value resort ($720) and a four day park pass ($459), the total cost would be $1493.94. A 6 night stay on the Deluxe Dining Plan ($697.50), at a Deluxe resort ($2520) and a four day park hopper plus ticket $(565), your vacation would cost $3782.50.

None of this is taking into consideration deals or packages. This is your average cost. There are always deals to be had, you just might have to change where it is you were thinking of staying. Maybe you decide to stay at All-Star Sports instead of Pop Century. Or you stay at the Boardwalk instead of Wilderness Lodge. But as you can see, there are a number of different cost scenarios. Your Disney vacation can be costly or a manageable sum of money. The choice is yours. For more posts on the costs of Disney vacations, check these out:

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