Trip Preparation

How I Pack for our Family’s Disney World Vacation

During our days at Disney World I want each of our family members to be comfortable. To be ready for those candid character shots. To feel most like themselves. To achieve this I do these 4 things:

Try On Clothing

In the weeks leading up to our vacation I get all the kids to try on the clothing options we have. We typically are travelling down to Disney World during our winter season, so the summer clothes have long been packed away. Some clothes always end up being a bit too small or slightly soiled. By getting all the clothes tried on the kids end up with their best fitting and looking pieces.

Bike Shorts

Our daughter loves dresses and skirts. But they’re not ideal for riding rides or siting curb side watching parades. So instead of forgoing these much loved outfits we pair them bike shorts. This way she can feel like herself while being dressed appropriately.

Character Clothing

Character meet and greets are a part of Disney World vacations. Character dining, character experiences, parades, there are many places to have character interactions. And we try to capture them all on camera. To take these images to the next level have your littles wear character shirts. When picking out our kids outfits for Disney World I pick character shirts or outfits that coincide with the activities of that day. On our Hollywood Studios day the kids are wearing Star Wars clothing. Our meal at Chef Mickey’s will have our kids dressed with Mickey and Minnie on their shirts. This also helps with character interactions. When children have the characters they are meeting on their clothing the characters react. Making the moment more personal.

Lay Out Each Day

For each and every day of our vacation I lay out their outfits. I make sure that each day they have the items they need. That their shirts match their shorts, the clothing matches up with the parks we are going to. I find by doing this we don’t get there missing items. I’ve done this the last few trips and have had no issues with leaving things behind. This trip MacKenzie even got in by making sure her accessories matched the outfits.

Use these tips and clothing for your vacation won’t be a worry. Happy Planning, Friends.