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Height Requirements at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to beautiful animals, Pandora – The World of Avatar, and some thrilling rides. There are rides and experiences that have height requirements to keep guests safe. At Animal Kingdom, all the attractions fall into one of 5 height categories:

  • 32 inches and Smaller
  • 38 inches and Taller
  • 40 inches and Taller
  • 44 inches and Taller
  • 48 inches and Taller

32 inches and Smaller and attractions that every single member of your family can enjoy. 32 inches and smaller means even infants can ride and take part in these attractions. Here’s the full list:

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The next category is 38 inches and taller. 38 inches generally encompasses kids 3 and up. To ride this attraction guests must be 38 inches or taller. Here’s the attraction that requires guests to be 38 inches:

  • Kali River Rapids. Asia.

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40 inches and taller is the next height requirement and also only includes one attraction. With this attraction you may want to consider if your child is not just tall enough to ride the ride but mature enough. This attraction is very scary:

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Kids around the age of 5 will be about 44 inches, which is the next height category at Animal Kingdom. There are two attractions at Animal Kingdom with this height requirement.

  • Expedition Everest. Asia.
  • Avatar Flights of Passage. Pandora.

Whether your child is old enough to handle the thrill is up to you. Get the details on the attraction here.

The last height category is 48 inches. What’s funny about this height requirement at Animal Kingdom is the attraction isn’t scaring or even that thrilling. It’s a carnival style roller coaster that is very fast and jerky, so the height really has to do with safety:

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So those are the attractions friends, broken up into the different height categories. As you can see, there are a lot of things to do for the whole family, including the youngest and smallest visitors. The biggest takeaway with height categories at Disney World is make sure to measure your kids before you go. Measure your kids before you make your plans. Check which shoes they will be wearing against the height, don’t set yourself up for a disappointing day by finding out too late that members of your group CAN’T ride some of the attractions.

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