Height Requirement

Height Requirement: 32″ and smaller. Hollywood Studios Edition

Hollywood Studios is one of four parks at Walt Disney World. The foundation of this park is its entertainment. With stage shows, character experiences and nighttime entertainment filling up your itinerary for the day. In comparison with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, the attractions are a very small part of this park. There are only 17 attractions. With only 8 being suitable for children 32” and smaller. They are generous with the term attractions at this park. 4 of these attractions are films, and 2 are exhibit style museums. Take a look at what’s suitable for your littles at Hollywood Studios. 

Muppet*Vision 3D

This film features the cast of the Muppets, in a silly goofy show all about the technology of 3D. You’ll see all your favourite Muppet characters: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, Sam the Eagle. There’s a lengthy pre-show, and the film itself is about 15 minutes. Making it quite lengthy for kids under 2. To get the 3D effect audience members need to wear 3D glasses. Which again can be difficult for littles under 2. FastPasses are offered for this attraction but really aren’t required because the theatre seats 584 guests. So, you’ll be able to enjoy this whenever it suits your schedule. The show runs constantly throughout the day. From park open to park close. Muppet* 3D is found at the back of the park, off Grand Avenue. Make your way past Star Tours and you’ll find it on your left. 

Star Wars Launch Bay

Walk through Star Wars Launch Bay and look at life size models of famous lightsabers. You can also see models of different fighters and ships used in the many Star Wars films. This area is home to three Star Wars character experiences. It’s really a way to kill time while you’re waiting to meet these characters. It’s a great way to entertain littles while one of the adults of your party waits in line. Launch Bay is open from park open to park close. Launch Bay is in Animation Courtyard. Turn right at the Chinese Theatre and walk under the archway, Launch Bay is directly in front of you. 

Star Wars Launch Bay Theatre

This 10 minute film has interviews with writers, directors, producers of many of the Star Wars films. Discussing how Star Wars has progressed and where it is going. A little dry for small ones, so even though it’s for all heights it’s not necessarily appropriate for all heights. It runs all day. You can watch it anytime from park open to park close. Launch Bay Theatre is to your immediate left upon entering Launch Bay. 

Vacation Fun

This is a Mickey and Minnie Mouse short film. Come in and relax from the busyness of a park day and watch a short film about your two favourite characters. This short film takes viewers on a trip through Mickey and Minnie’s favourite vacations together, including some old favourites.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

The newest attraction at Walt Disney World is Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This attraction takes guests on a train ride along with Mickey and Minnie. There are plenty of mishaps that happen along the way so we sure to keep yourselves strapped in.

Toy Story Mania!

This is a must for your FastPass plans. This ride puts guests in an arcade game featuring all your favourite Toy Story characters. Guests sit in twos, each with their own shooter, wearing 3D glasses. Guests rack up the points as they shoot plates, rings and balls. The cart swings around from game to game. So even if your little can’t participate, because they can’t properly aim their shooter, they can still enjoy the characters and the twirling of the cart. This ride is open from park open to close and is still one of the most popular so you’ll see guests running to this attraction when the park opens. Toy Story Mania! is found at the back of the park. The only way to gain access to this area right now is to the right of the Chinese Theatre. 

Walt Disney Presents

Another exhibit and film. Walk through this exhibit and see what Walt Disney World has planned for the next few years. With small models of attractions, resorts and parks. You can also see models from years past. With original movie posters hanging on the walls and sketches. This exhibit finishes in a theatre which tells the tale of the man who started it all. Walt’s vision for what could be created for families to share together. Walt Disney Presents is found to your right before entering Pixar Place, at the back of the park. 

As you can see most of these attractions are not rides. This can make it hard to imagine what a day at Hollywood Studios can look like for a family with kids under three. Check out what we did for our days at Hollywood Studios. Click this link for our Star Wars Day and this link where we took in the majority of the entertainment, met some characters and marked off some food goals. Happy Planning, Friends.