Height Requirement

Height Requirement: 32″ and Smaller. Epcot Edition.

Epcot is the second park that was open on Walt Disney World property. It’s the home of Future World and World Showcase. Bringing together two areas of education. Learning about nations from around the globe and what makes up the world around us. There are many thrilling rides at Epcot that require guests to be of a certain height, but there are also many attractions that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. To avoid any disappointment be sure to measure your kids before your vacation so you know what they can and can not ride before you even enter the gates. Below are attractions that don’t have any height requirements.

Future World

In Future World you’ll find a variety experiences. Character meet and greets, headquarters to the many festivals put on here annually and delicious dining. This area is a lot above innovations and technology. You can also learn a lot of the past and the world around you. You’ll also find attractions for young and old.

Spaceship Earth

The first attraction you see as you walk into Epcot through the main entrance is Spaceship Earth. This is the silver ball that is the symbol of this park. This ride takes you into the ball. It’s an attraction about the history of the world. Narrated by Dame Judi Dench, guests sit in a cart that climbs high, along the way animatronics reenact pivotal moments in history. Teaching you all about the development of humankind. It’s a very educational ride. It does get dark, not in content but in lighting. So if you have littles who are scared of the dark this isn’t the best one for them to enjoy. It is extremely popular so be sure to hit it early, or save it for later when most guests are wandering around World Showcase. You can get FastPasses for this ride, which I would recommend. Especially if you’re planning on riding it around noon.

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future

Stationed at the back of Spaceship Earth, come and enjoy many interactive games. Many targeting every age group. The Body Builder allows guest to perform mock surgeries in this interactive game. Super Driver gives guests the chance to simulate driving a car highlighting injury prevention technology. There are many other small and large experiences to teach guests about the technologies of tomorrow. Perfect for guests who like to do instead of sit back and watch. You can enter this area through the doors found across from The Art of Disney. This also is the area where you exit from Spaceship Earth.

The Seas

This building in Future World is home to all things seaworthy. The Coral Reef restaurant is found here, with it’s gigantic aquarium. Every attraction in The Seas is accessible to 32” and smaller.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This attraction takes guests along a quest to find Nemo. You sit in a clam shell, similar to Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid. There’s no content to this attraction, it’s simply coming across sea creatures from Finding Nemo who are looking for Nemo. The shell can hold up to 5 guests but that’s two adults and three littles. It’s a bench seat with a drop down bar. The ride lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. Fastpasses are available for this attraction.

Turtle Talk with Crush

This interactive show takes place periodically throughout the day. The show lasts approximately 15 minutes. Guests sit on the floor as they chat with Crush and learn about the sea. You’ll see familiar characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. FastPasses are available for this attraction.

Bruce’s Shark World

Take a picture inside Bruce’s toothy grin. All around this photo op you can learn all about the different sharks that can be found in the ocean. An educationally focused exhibit, where you can see different sharks in the aquarium.

Disney Animals

At the heart of this building is the large aquarium that’s home to all kinds of sea creatures. Reef Fish, Sharks, Stingrays, Coral Reefs and Sea Turtles. Wander around or ask one of the cast members to tell you more about the animals around you. They are a wealth of knowledge and can give you details as to what part of the world these animals can be found, what they eat, where they sleep. You’ll walk away knowing something you didn’t before.

The Land

The Land is one big greenhouse. Not really but the main attraction found in the Land is the greenhouses that are found in this building. The two dining experiences found in the area use the many products produced in these greenhouses. Giving guests fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Living with the Land

Take a boat cruise through the greenhouses of the Land. Learn about the many things grown right there at Epcot. Your cruise director will teach all about the techniques used to makes these many crops grow. Some of the items you’ll see are grown to astronomical proportions. This attraction opens at park open and closes around 7pm. FastPasses are available for this attraction.


The attractions in this area are all appropriate for guest 32” and smaller. You have a ride, an interactive play area and a movie. All of these attractions are less popular, so wait times are not an issue. You won’t need FastPasses for this section of the park. All these attractions are open from 9am until 7pm.

Journey into Imagination with Figment!

This attraction is a seated cart that takes you through the different senses. The premise is your in a lab that’s testing your different senses and the tour gets taken over by the labs creature Figment. Our youngest, Lincoln, was a little frightened at a couple of points but only for a moment because the lights were out. It’s a fun little ride that teaches you about sight, sound and smell. And then, of course, about imagination. It’s a fun ride for everyone but especially for young ones. Kids ages 8-12 will probably find it a little lame but youngster will love it. Fastpasses are offered for this attraction.

ImageWorks-The “What If” Labs

This interactive play area is found at the back of ImageWorks shop. Here you’ll put into action all your senses. Dance around on the ground to make different instruments play. Swing your arms and you’ll hear an orchestra play a tune. It’s great for every age.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

This 18 minute screening shows you Disney and Pixar shorts in 3D. A great quiet place to cool off and get a break from rides, food and heat. FastPass is available but you won’t really need it.

Advanced Training Lab

The only thing on the eastern side of Future World that is appropriate for all heights is the Advance Training Lab. Find this interactive play area at the back of the shop Mission Space: Cargo Bay. There are huge video games, a play structure for littles to climb up and down and around. It’s a dark area that’s ideal for every single family. There are three different areas for every age group.

World Showcase

World Showcase is the southern area of Epcot. Home to 10 different Pavilions. Each representing a different country.  All of World Showcase opens at 11am with the exception of Norway. Norway is home to Frozen Ever After which opens at 9am or park open. There are only two “rides” in World Showcase at this time but there are many attractions that will keep you and your party entertained.


Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

This attraction is for the whole family. It’s a boat ride staring Donald Duck and his two friends from the film The Caballeros. You’ll journey through Mexico looking for Donald. You’ll see him in some pretty compromising situations. It provides a lot of laughs. These boats are similar to the boats you’d find for Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World so most or all of your party will be able to sit together. This attraction is found in the heart of the Mexico Pavilion. You’ll have to enter the big temple and keep walking into the building. The attraction is found at the back of the building on your left. You’ll walk up steps to get into the building and then walk down steps when you enter it. You’ll walk past the tequila bar and the market stops. The attraction will be in the back. It’s a must do in my books. Our family loves it and the wait is never very long because the ride is continuous.

Mexican Folk Art Gallery

As you enter the Mexican Pavilion building take a look at the pieces of art in the entry. There on the walls and there’s showcases promoting the story of Coco.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Right as you enter the building of the Mexico Pavilion you’ll find this pavilions fun stop. Where you can decorate your own cut out of Duffy the bear and receive a unique collective stamp.


Frozen Ever After

This attraction is another boat ride, through the many parts of Frozen. You’ll be taken to Elsa’s Ice Castle, through the beautiful icicle forest and to meet Marshmallow. It is a bit of a flume ride but it’s not a big drop. Just be prepared. Hang on to your little as soon you see Marshmallow. The beautiful songs from Frozen play throughout the ride. It’s very popular so a FastPass reservation is strongly suggested. Again this ride actually opens at 9am but I wouldn’t recommend going here at 9am unless you don’t have a FastPass. Going to Norway at this time leaves you in World Showcase before everything else opens so you’ll be making your way back to Future World.

Stave Church Gallery

In this small building, found at the entrance of the Norway pavilion, learn through art work how the Norwegian culture influenced the making of Frozen.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Located at the back of Puffin’s Roost, the shop in the Norway Pavilion. Come and decorate a Duffy the Bear cardboard cut out and receive a stamp for your collection.


House of the Whispering Willows

Come and learn of Disney newest theme park Shanghai Disney. See how imagineers created the latest park and added elements of Chinese culture into its seams.

Reflections of China

In this 360 degree theatre, you’ll see beautiful images found across China. You’ll be standing during the 14 minute film, which isn’t ideal for youngsters. It’s a beautiful piece that’s dated but you’ll enjoy it if you’re curious about the Chinese culture and the land they inhabit.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Upon exiting Reflections of China you’ll see this fun stops. Grab a cut out of Duffy the Bear and decorate him with the supplies that’s provided. Collect a unique stamp for your collection.


Kidcot Fun Stop

This fun stop is located at the back of the Der Teddybar shop, where they make dolls and toys on location. Decorate your cardboard Duffy the Bear and receive a special stamp from the cast member to add to your collection.


Kidcot Fun Stop

At the back of La Gemma Elegante, one of the beautiful shops in the Italy Pavilion, you’ll find this fun stop. Decorate a cut out of Duffy the Bear with the supplies provide and collect a special stamp.

American Adventure Pavilion

American Heritage Gallery

Wander through this gallery and appreciate the beautiful pieces of art. With sculptures and paintings, you will see beautiful pieces of American history.

The American Adventure

This attraction may be for all heights but it’s certainly not for all ages. This 30 minute show will retell the story of American history. Although this is in a seated theatre, 30 minutes is a very long show for youngster, especially when there’s a lot of dialogue. This show is performed by 35 animatronics and features film footage and many well known songs. The show performs periodically throughout the day with it’s last performance at 9pm.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Located beside the Heritage Manor Gifts, receive a cardboard Duffy the Bear to colour. Decorate him with the supplies at this pavilion and then receive a unique stamp to collect.


Bijutsu-kam Gallery

Found at the very back of the Japanese Pavilion, wander around the gallery and admire the beautiful pieces of art.

Kitcot Fun Stop

This fun stop is found inside the Bijutsu-kam Gallery. So while the littles colour you can look at the art. A cardboard Duffy the Disney bear can be decorated and a cast member can give you a stamp to collect.


Galleries of History and Art

Admire pieces of art and history of the country Morocco. Learn about their culture from the items gathered in this gallery.


Impressions de France

Walk through the courtyard of France to the very back to find this 14 minute film depicting the beauty of France. Watch this film in the comfort of a beautiful theatre.

Beauty and The Beast Sing-a-long

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Film is found at the very back of the France pavilion. As a rule of thumb, World Showcase doesn’t open until 11am and this will be true of this attraction. The first showing will be at 11am. This film will be just that, it won’t feature any live performers. Guests will be able to sing along to their favourite songs from the beloved films. For more ideas for Beauty and the Beast fans click here.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Find this Fun Stop at the back of Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie. Colour a picture of Duffy the Bear with the supplies provided and collect the France stamp for your passport.

Great Britain

Kidcot Fun Stop

Find this Fun Stop in the courtyard of the Great Britain Pavilion. If you’re coming from Future World you’ll find this place on your right, if you’re coming from France you’ll find it on your left. The stop is directly behind The Toy Soldier shop. Decorate a picture of Duffy the Bear and collect a stamp for your passport.


O Canada!

O Canada! This 14 minute film is not for kids! This film of the great scenery of Canada, narrated by Catharine O’Hara and Eugene Levy, is hosted in a standing arena. Any kid under the age of 10 is not going to want to stand for 14 minutes to see pictures of Canada. It is a beautiful film, and great for any adult or teenager. But do not come in here with children. It’s a fiasco waiting to happen. It is a beautiful walk to the entrance. I would walk to the theatre and then turn around and come back.

Kidcot Fun Stop

This Fun Stop is located at the exit of O Canada! Decorate a picture of Duffy the Bear and then collect the Canadian stamp to receive all stamps from the Kidcot Fun Stops.

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

This interactive activity is great for the whole family but geared for school age kids. You’ll need a smartphone to participate in this attraction. Sign up at the kiosk located on the edge of Future World before you enter World Showcase. Coming from Spaceship Earth pass the Future World fountain and the kiosk will be on your left. After you sign up at this kiosk you’ll head to six different pavilion to complete different missions around World Showcase. Each of these adventures last 30 to 45 minutes. This is a great way to enjoy World Showcase with your kids. Since World Showcase does not open until 11am you can’t sign up until then.

As you can see there is plenty to do for the whole family. There’s only a few attractions littles can’t enjoy here at Epcot. Giving you a full day at this park. Just keep in mind that World Showcase only opens at 11am when you’re planning your day and be sure to have a stroller for this day. Epcot is large, so you can expect to do a lot of walking. Enjoy this beautiful park with your bigs and littles. Happy Planning, Friends.

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