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For Adults: Lounges

Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to vacation as a family but it is also an ideal vacation destination for those who love to do stuff on their vacation. If you love sitting on the beach with a book and relax for a whole week, then yes you can do this at Walt Disney World but you can do that at a whole lot of other places as well. If you love to be on the go during your time off from work then Walt Disney World is a great place to go vacation for that break with your partner or your spouse. Walt Disney World is geared to adults, you just need to know where to look for it. One of these places where it is glaringly obvious is the lounges. With over 50 lounges to be found across Walt Disney World property you are encouraged to enjoy adult beverages in a multitude of ways. There are lounges found at all Deluxe and Moderate level resorts, as well as at Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Now some of these lounges are a simple bar stool and a few tables and chairs set up around a bar. Giving a place to relax and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. Others are destination lounges, where you will be entertained and won’t want to leave.

So here are a list of lounges that can be found around the property. They are broken down by park and resort and then categorized as either a place to unwind or as a destination lounge.


In Epcot you will have carts in each country that features that countries alcoholic specialties. The list below are lounges where you can have a seat at the bar or at a table.

La Cava del Tequila. Destination Lounge.

Don’t miss this spot. As you walk into the Mexican pavilion it is on your right. It is like entering a cave. It has a huge selection of Tequila, as you’d expect. In here you’ll get real margaritas on ice, as opposed to the blended variety you’ll get out at the Mexican Cart. You need to come in here just to check out the space. It’s unique and unforgettable.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. Unwind.

Tucked behind Tutto Italia Ristorante, this wine cellar boasts in a large selection of wine. Pair your selection with a Gusto plate (to be shared). This place is your opportunity to sit down and relax away from the excitement of the park. There’s no where to sit at the bar but there are a few table and high tops. Making this an experience to share with someone as opposed to interacting with the bartender.

Rose & Crown Pub. Destination Lounge.

This pub is a reconstruction of many pubs you’d find in England. It is very often busy and rowdy at this venue. There is a restaurant at this location but there’s also the lounge where you can order a beer and some chips while you get to know those around you. Expect to be surrounded by guests, a great opportunity to meet other vacationers or locals. It’s a great spot to spend the afternoon or the evening. Rose & Crown Pub is found on the waterside of the England Pavilion.

Hollywood Studios.

You can pick up alcoholic beverages throughout the park but these two locations are places specifically designated to enjoy some time away from the busyness.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. Unwind.

The Hollywood Brown Derby is one of our favourite places to eat on property. So this is perfect spot for that vacation for two, when you don’t need to be eating a great big meal. Grab a couple of appetizers and a desserts to share. Grab a bottle of wine to share or pretend you are one of the old hollywood couples and enjoy some martinis and old fashioneds. Find this lounge on your right as you walk down Hollywood Blvd.

Tune-In Lounge. Destination Lounge.

During meal times this places is busy with people waiting for their tables at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe but if you come in during the afternoon or late into the evening channel your inner Don Draper. Return to a time when drinking during your afternoon meeting was common and hard liquor was the drink of choice. Go for a Long Island Iced Tea or have something on the rocks.

Animal Kingdom.

The only lounge on this list that’s really unique and worth the time is the Nomad Lounge the others get filled with runoffs of people waiting for food or tables.

Nomad Lounge. Destination Lounge.

With the Animal Kingdom now open later, go to the Nomad Lounge to choose from a variety of wines, beers and cocktails. You can come and enjoy a few bites while unwinding with some delicious beverages. The atmosphere at this venue is outdoorsy, luxurious and comfortable. It’s a great place to come to unwind after so much time on your feet. If you find yourself with an hour between fast passes stop in and enjoy. Or finish of your day at this lounge.

Safari Bar. Unwind.

Found at the entrance of the Animal Kingdom in the Rainforest Cafe. You can find some fun drinks with bright colours, a great spot to come if you’re not quite ready to finish your day at the Animal Kingdom.

Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages. Unwind.

Located in the heart of Asia. Stop in here for a drink during your day at the Animal Kingdom. This location is overrun by those getting food from Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes which is right next door. But on a hot day this is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a cold brew.

Disney Springs.

With the remodel of Disney Springs there are some stellar options for lounges in every area. From Town Centre to Marketplace and the West Side. Come here in the afternoon to escape from the heat or enjoy drinks late into the evening.

Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar. Unwind.

In the evening you’ll have an array of cocktail options. The atmosphere isn’t anything spectacular, for a rooftop the views aren’t that impressive. And as for lounges this one doesn’t really qualify in that category for me. This is a great “lounge” to come to with kids. It’s in no way a place for only adults, the seating is industrial and a lot like a food court. You can find this beverage bar on the parking lot side of Planet Hollywood (which indicates the kind of view you’ll be getting).

The Front Porch. Destination Lounge.

Find this lounge nestled between the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar and their gift shop. This outdoor venue has nightly entertainment. You won’t be impressed with their selection of drinks (generic beer and wine) but it’s a fun spot to enjoy a live band. With the patio lights and the outdoor landscaping, it’s a nice outdoor environment. The Front Porch is on the West Side strip so you can spend the night people watching. A great place to come for a night if you’re staying at Saratoga Springs.

Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe. Unwind.

This small spot is found behind the Rainforest Cafe. It’s nothing impressive, simple bar and high top tables. This is another spot you could easily bring kids or tweens too. The cocktails are refreshing and sugary, great for a very hot afternoon. Not a place to come spend the evening as there’s nothing to hold your attention. It’s a spot to grab a drink midday before continuing on with your shopping.

MacGuffins. Unwind.

I also would not count this as a lounge, it’s on the Walt Disney World website list but it’s really just a place to grab a drink before or after watching a movie. It’s by no means a place to come spend an evening.

Stargazers Bar. Destination Lounge.

A part of the new Planet Hollywood Observatory, head here for great views, a selection of local beers and unique cocktails. Come here as a stop on a tour of the different bars in the area or spend the evening here talking shop with the bartenders or with your significant other at a high top. You can also grab a bite to eat here, making it even more appealing to spend the whole evening here. You’ll also enjoy live entertainment.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Cape Town Lounge and Wine Bar. Destination Lounge.

For the wine lover in your pair. A great place to come spend an evening. Go explore the Animal Kingdom Lodge and their lock outs before escaping here to enjoy a vast selection of red and white wines. You must spend some time here if you are staying in the area.

Sanaa Lounge. Destination Lounge.

When you enter this lounge you will feel like you are on an escape. The whole venue is full of earthy tones and wooden structure. Grab one of the booths and finish off the day with a cocktail or two. Found at Kidani Village on the main floor.

Victoria Falls Lounge. Unwind.

This lounge is found above the buffet-style restaurant Boma-Flavours of Africa. It’s rowdy and open. Perfect for those who are looking to have a louder evening with excitement. Great place to come after a day at the parks or to celebrate a race.

Beach Club Resort

Martha’s Vineyard. Unwind.

A prime place to come if you’re vacationing in the Epcot Resort area and are looking for a good cocktail or cider. Found in the hallway of the Beach Club resort before Cape May Cafe or right after if you’re entering from the lobby. You’ll find it close to the bathrooms. It’s a small intimate place where you can have an intimate evening or get to know those around you. Open until 12pm you can come here after Epcot closes or after watching Illuminations on the bridge between the Beach Club and the Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Inn & Villas

AbracadaBar. Destination Lounge.

This lounge is heavily themed; dark wallpaper and a couple of nice lounging areas with couches and booths. A wonderful place to spend an intimate evening with your significant other if you can nab one of the couches. If you’re at a high top then it will feel a little open and not overly intimate. In low season you should be able to spend a very relaxing evening here pursuing the wide selection of cocktails.

Belle Vue Lounge. Unwind.

We spent a lot of time here on our Goofy Challenge vacation. There are games, couches and books to enjoy. Come here on your own or with some friends. Play a couple games of backgammon or an epic round of monopoly. If your staying at the Boardwalk find this place nestled in the corner as you walk towards the elevators of the inn.

Leaping Horse Libations. Unwind.

I wouldn’t categorize this as a lounge, I would consider it a pool bar. There’s no where to lounge. There are a few tables outside and a bar but no lounging in site.

Caribbean Beach Resort

Centertown Bar. Unwind.

Again this is more of a pool bar but it is the said establishment at this resort so you may find yourself getting to know the staff very intimately over the course of your vacation if this is where you are staying. Serving a selection of blended drinks and beers, you’ll be able to cool off while taking a break from the pool.

Contemporary Resort

The Wave Lounge. Unwind.

This lounge offers alcoholic beverages as well as appetizers.The Wave lounge is found beside the Wave…Flavour of America on the bottom floor of the Contemporary Resort. Entrance is found East of the check-in desk. Having a club feel to it, there are lots of great spaces to relax and blend into the environment. Made for a night for two.

The Outer Rim. Unwind.

Open from 11:30am until 10pm look out at the view of Bay Lake with a cocktail. Come here when the Electric Water Pageant is going by.

California Grill Lounge. Destination Lounge.

Head to the top of the Contemporary Resort for awesome views and great company. Check in on the second floor for availability, if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get in and sit at the bar or in a comfortable seat and side table. If you get in spend the evening here in this luxurious restaurant.

Coronado Springs Resort.

Laguna Bar. Unwind.

The perfect spot for a hot afternoon or warm evening. Sit on this patio by the water and watch guests stroll by. Sit under the umbrella and discuss what’s planned for the next days activities.

Rix Lounge. Destination Lounge.

Found in the main building, this place pulses with colours and textures. Being so close to the convention centre this place is often full of guests attending conferences. Sit at the bar or in the middle of rich design and fabrics in comfortable sitting. Open until midnight, come to grab a small bite and then stay for the evening enjoying flights, a variety of margaritas and mojitos. Put this on your list to check out especially if you’re staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort area.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Citrico Lounge. Unwind.

A place most people come to sit and wait for their table at Citricos, you can come and enjoy a drink or even a few items off the menu. Not a very impressive spot but will do the trick if you’re looking to grab a drink at the Grand Floridian.

Mizner’s Lounge. Destination Lounge.

Found at the back of the second floor of the Grand Floridian, come here to enjoy the view of the resort and to listen to the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra and the Pianists. You can choose from a variety of ports, scotches, wines or cigars if that interests you. This can be a very special evening out, dress up and spend a luxurious evening at the Grand Floridian.

Old Key West

Gurgling Suitcase. Unwind.

This really isn’t a lounge but it’s the only one in the category for this resort. It’s got a handful of tables and that’s it. You can grab a drink here a sit out on the picnic tables. It’s more like a pool bar than a lounge. You can find it beside Olivia’s Cafe.

Polynesian Village Resort

Tambu Lounge. Unwind.

Looking to have an epic day with a record breaking alcohol consumption or celebrating something memorable, head to Tambu Lounge for a breakfast drink. You can come here any time of the day to sit at the bar or in one of the chaises (preferably by the window) and enjoy the beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom or take in the design. There is a lot of spill over from O’Hana but if your here in the morning or late at night you’ll have places to choose from.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. Destination Lounge.

A must-do on any Adult Only vacation. Even if you’re planning on doing a park every day of your vacation, carve out time for this gem. Go in expecting to integrate yourself into the environment, order the wackiest thing on the menu and get to know those around you for an evening you’ll remember for years to come.

Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace. Unwind.

On a beautiful evening come here to enjoy the fireworks or the live music. Don’t come here during the day as it will be filled with people coming in and out of the pool area. With the lanterns strung across the sky and an awesome bar, it’s a great place to spend an evening when you’re not ready to turn in.

Port Orleans- French Quarter

Mardi Grogs. Unwind.

Open in the afternoon and early evening, this is a place to come to cool off from the afternoon heat. A pool bar, not a lounge.

Scat Cat’s Club. Unwind.

If you’re staying at Port Orleans-French Quarter, you can come here on a nightly basis after a full day. Unwind with a drink and some live music. There’s not a lot of great seating but the ceiling is beautiful to look at and with the lounge staying open until midnight you don’t have to end your day early.

Port Orleans-Riverside

Muddy Rivers. Unwind.

Again more of a pool bar than a lounge. You do have a good selection of blended drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic, if you’re wanting a break. This run a little pricey, so you won’t be enjoying too many without it cramping your Disney budget.

River Roost. Unwind.

The place is like the kind of pub you’d find on the backroads of eastern Canada. Wooden chairs and tables, wooden everything. This place looks tired, and there’s not much life to this place. Being so close to Disney Springs, take the time to get on the boat or take the bus down to one of the many places you can visit there.

Saratoga Springs

The Turf Club Lounge. Unwind.

Come in and relax. With comfortable seats and couches, allow yourself to debrief from a full day. Order some munchies while you enjoy a few drinks before you end your day. A place you could definitely frequent while you are staying here. With Disney Springs across the water you can find a few other more likely places over there but this is a great place to walk to from your room and end off your day.

Wilderness Lodge

Territory Lounge. Destination Lounge.

If you’ve been wanting to check out this resort this is a great opportunity to wander the resort and then finish off with a few brews before moving on with the rest of your day. Located in the heart of the Wilderness Lodge, the lounge is decorated as a wooden lodge, with wooden structures found throughout the space. With a nice selection of cocktails, come here to a hidden away lounge that will make you feel you’ve fallen back in time to days when the railway was being built and log homes were the norm.

Yacht Club Resort

Ale & Compass Lounge. Unwind.

When I picture people who frequently sail I picture a man with a captain’s hat enjoy a port. Go be that person at this lounge. Located near the Captain’s Grille, sit in a comfortable chair or lounge on the couch. Do this mid day or the end of the day. There’s plenty of room for all.

Crew’s Cup Lounge. Unwind.

Find whatever your heart desires for food here as they offer a wide variety for a lounge. A tucked away place along the walkway to the Beach Club, dine here and stay for a few drinks to end off your evening.

Any of these places that are more of a pool bar will have lots of people at them during the day and really aren’t the ideal place to grab a drink to enhance your vacation. The lounges that are lounges discourage children from being around, and really it’s not the ideal place for them anyways, as many of these places are dark. So go and explore. Use these lounges as an excuse to go and check out other resorts. You may find your home resort or the ideal resort for your next vacation.

Happy Planning.