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Favourite Shoes for Disney World Vacations

Over the course of a Disney World vacation guests will be walking miles and miles. This means you want to make sure you are wearing the proper footwear to ensure your feet don’t feel the pain of the long park days. Yes, looking stylish at Disney World has become popular with Disney Bounding, but I would prefer to be comfortable and not get cranky during my park day. I especially don’t want my kids to get cranky because their feet are sore. So here are my recommendations for the best footwear to wear during your park days at Walt Disney World.

Running Sneakers

Most running sneakers have a built in shank, this creates a structure in the shoe that secures forward motion. In a cross trainer this is not present. A cross trainer is flexible to ensure your footwear can move side to side as well as forward. That’s not what you want when you are spending hours on your feet. So a running sneaker is much better suited for days at the park. You can tell a sneaker is a running sneaker if you try to twist the sneaker and you can not. A sneaker that can be twisted does not have the support shank you’ll want. Any brand will do.


If you are more of a sandal person then I would recommend a Birkenstock. These sandals are made to support your feet. I personally prefer the thong style, I find my foot doesn’t have to do as much work to keep the sandal on my foot. I’ve tried other brands that offer a similar sandal to Birkenstock, but none compare to the support and comfort that Birks offer. Just be sure to wear the sandals a few times before your trip to make sure they’re worn in.


These are for our kids, I have personally never worn them. The days at Disney World are not only long but they can be very hot. Which makes wearing sneakers and socks unappealing to our kids. Crocs allow for breathability that sneakers do not. The crocs also have a strong sole, which gives our littles the support their feet need.

Simple as that my friends. Three great options for footwear during your Disney World vacation. I typically bring a couple other pairs of shoes as well: flip flops for the pool and dress shoes for nice dinners. For more tips on preparing for your Disney World vacation check out these previous posts:

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