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FastPass +: Not all FastPasses are the same

FastPasses are a great way to save you time during your park days at Walt Disney World. Any guest with a purchased ticket can reserve FastPasses, those staying on site can reserve 60 days before and those staying off site can reserve 30 days before. FastPasses are a reservation to an attraction, character experience, stage show or parade. With the attractions and character experiences you are given an hour window in which to use this pass. For each park day you get 3 FastPasses, you can acquire more the day of, once the first 3 are used.

Now, not all attractions are equal. At Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom there are a few rides that you can only choose one of, for your FastPass reservations. These are the attractions that are most popular right now. So unfortunately you can only choose one of these reservations for your three FastPasses. Here are the attractions at each park that are part of that top tier:

Epcot: Frozen Ever After, Soarin’, Test Track, and Epcot Forever

Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania, Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror

Animal Kingdom: Na’Vi River Journey, Flights of Passage

Depending on what your plans are and what age group you’re travelling with, this may not be a big deal. If you want to do 2 of these attractions then get to the other attraction you don’t get a FastPass for the moment the rope drops for the park. This is how we rode both Na’Vi River Journey and Flights of Passage back in January. The fact that they now open Animal Kingdom an hour before park hours helps. So use this information when you’re planning out your FastPasses. Choose them ahead of time so when the time comes to book you’ll be prepared.

Once you’ve used all your FastPasses during the day you can book another of these top tier attractions. But unfortunately that can be hard to come by as they are the busiest attractions at the park and all the FastPasses may already be gone by the time you can add more FastPasses to your itinerary. Good luck making those FastPass reservations. Happy Planning, Friends.

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