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FastPass + is a fantastic feature offered to anyone visiting Walt Disney World’s 4 theme parks. Whether you’re buying your tickets in advanced, the day of, as a part of a vacation package or as an annual pass holder, everyone has access to FastPasses. You can get 3 FastPasses per day. They can be at any of the four theme parks, even more than one. One stipulation is you can get one 1st tier FastPass per day. For more information on that check out this previous post. Once you’ve redeemed these 3 passes you can get more throughout the day. Now most guests use these passes for attractions but you can actually use these for a handful of Character Experiences.

If there are characters that you and your fellow party members must meet then this may be a great option for you. Because unlike some of the more popular attractions there’s no single rider line, or rider switch pass for character experiences. The lines for some of these characters are long, and if you’re not there first thing you could be spending precious park time waiting in line to meet these all important characters.

If meeting these characters are important to your vacation, then I would suggest meeting them at a character dining experience over using the FastPass+ because you’re killing two birds with one stone, You have to eat and you want to meet these characters so do both at once. So check out this previous post to see if your must meet character is available.

Now character meet and greets are not like attractions, if you wait to hit these up at the end of the day the wait time isn’t going to be any faster. Many of the popular characters have more than one meeting area going on at a time but only during peak times. On our last vacation we went in to meet Tinker Bell at the end of the day, there was only one family in front of us, so I assumed it would only take 10 minutes. Boy was I wrong, it took at least 45. That’s because they only had one room going instead of two. So having those FastPasses are beneficial.

Not all character experiences have FastPasses so take a look at which characters have this feature and where:

Mickey Mouse.

Magic Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom.

Minnie Mouse.

Magic Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom.


Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland.

Tinker Bell.

Magic Kingdom.

Remember you don’t have to be at a park to meet characters. There are several character dining experiences found at resort restaurants and there are two character experiences that are totally free. For more information on meeting characters during your Disney vacation, take a look at these previous posts.

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