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Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

Fantasyland, in my opinion, is the most magical place on earth. The colours are bright and welcoming. The rides are heartwarming and full of cheer. There are magical moments around every corner. Fantasyland is found at the Magic Kingdom behind Cinderella’s Castle. In this area of the Magic Kingdom you’ll find the Beast’s castle, Ariel’s Grotto, Storybook Circus and the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. With 12 attractions, 11 character experiences, 7 dining experiences, and 6 shops, you may find yourself spending the majority of your day at the Magic Kingdom here. In this post we’re going to look at everything you can find in this area of the Magic Kingdom. Want to skip right to a category? Simply click: attractions, characters, dining, shops.

Attractions at Fantasyland

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

This carrousel gives guests a beautiful view of Cinderella’s Castle. This attraction is for the whole family, it has no height requirement. The rounding line moves quickly and is slightly sheltered. Because the carrousel is outside, get this attraction done early in the day or in the evening to avoid waiting in the heat. The Carrousel is truly a must for any visit. Especially that first visit. 

Mickey’s Phillarmagic

Mickey’s Phillarmagic is a 3D show featuring songs from beloved Disney films with Donald Duck in the midst of it all. The show will make you laugh and sing. With really young ones, keeping the 3D glasses on can be tough so I recommend this one for anyone over the age of 2. FastPass+ is offered for this attraction but I don’t consider it necessary. 

Peter Pan’s Flight

This attraction is one of the most popular attractions in Fantasyland and the Magic Kingdom for that matter. Peter Pan’s Flight is across the street from it’s a small world and beside Mickey’s Phillarmagic. On this ride, guests will board a boat and be brought on the journey of Wendy, John and Michael, looking below as they pass the landmarks. Be sure to book a FastPass for this attraction, as there is nothing to occupy littles throughout the line. Without a FastPass reservation you may be in for a painful 50 minute wait. It is at least sheltered so you’ll have a break from the sun. 

it’s a small world

This boat cruise is still travelling. The lines can be long, but they move quickly as each boat holds a lot of guests. The boat will take guests through different areas of the world represented through set design and marionettes. All to the tune of “it’s a small world”. There are FastPasses available for this attraction. 

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Closely located to the Mad Tea Party, this ride takes guests through the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Aboard a honey pot, guests will travel into the books and pages of these beloved stories. There are two rows in each honey pot, each holding up to three people. All your favourite characters appear from Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and little Roo, Owl, Rabbit, Gopher, Christopher Robin and Tigger Too. This attraction has activities throughout the regular line. Giving littles plenty to do while they’re waiting in line. So even though there are FastPasses available for this attraction I would use them for Peter Pan’s Flight or the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. 

Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

A roller coaster that is quick, fun and made for kids 38” and over. So your little around the age of 3 will be able to ride this coaster. This roller coaster, even though it’s built for everyone, is still very fast, so do not attempt if you do not enjoy roller coasters. The cart will take you through the Dwarf’s Mine, you’ll pass them all while they are mining for their diamonds. You’ll see all the dwarves while they sing the beginnings of “Heigh-Ho”. It’s a fantastic ride. Do not miss it. Be sure to take advantage of the FastPasses available for this attraction and reserve.

Mad Tea Party

Here are those classic spinning tea cups. They can spin as fast or as slow as you want. This is a short ride, with a slightly long line. There is a FastPass offered for this ride.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

This attraction is also a character experience. Join in on the retelling of Belle’s adventure to the Beast’s castle. Guests will get to participate in this retelling, acting out as members of the cast of Beauty and the Beast. Belle will be in attendance for this special production. Enchanted Tales with Belle runs continuously throughout the day and FastPasses are available. 

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Guests jump into a clam shell and journey through the tale of Ariel, narrated by Scuttle. This ride is constantly loading people onto the ride so the line moves very quickly. Guests maze through the caverns underneath Eric’s castle to get to this attraction, so the line can be distracting. Watch for hidden Mickey’s as you wander through the line. The ride is dark, but moves quickly so if there’s a part your little is scared of they’ll be out of it in a moment. Ursula is larger than life so be leery of that. All your favourite songs from the film will be acted out in front of you by life like animatronics. It’s a must do for any Ariel fan, young or old. 

Dumbo-The Flying Elephant

This classic ride is found in Storybook Circus. Climb aboard Dumbo and fly high in the sky or low to ground. There’s one bench seat per elephant, fitting three or two. Each elephant has a toggle giving guests the ability to move their elephant high or low. One of the things I love about this ride is the wait. Inside a big circus tent, guests wait their turn by spending time playing in a play structure. The scene from Dumbo of the clowns putting out the fire during the show is reimagined for kids to play in. With netting, slides, stairs, and climbing walls, littles will get out some energy running and playing around. This play area is inside, so you get a nice relief from the heat. When you arrive in this waiting station you’ll be given a buzzer. The buzzer will go off when your flight is about to take off. It’s an amazing system. If you’re here at a quieter time of year, this area may not be open, but they curtain it off so your littles won’t be disappointed. FastPasses are available for this beloved ride but if you use a FastPass you’ll miss out on this waiting area. 

The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is a short roller coaster ride found in Storybook Circus. This short coaster has quite the climb and therefore is quite thrilling. Children 35” and up can ride the barnstormer. FastPasses are available. The carts of the coaster can only fit two people, make sure to hang on tight to that small traveller. 

Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station

Here’s the place you want to spend your afternoon at the Magic Kingdom. Casey Jr from Dumbo is set up with some silly animals who will spit and spray water on you. It’s a wonderful way to cool off on a hot day. Just make sure to bring your littles a change of clothes for the rest of your stay at the Magic Kingdom. 

Extra: Pete’s Silly Side Show

Directly beside the character meet and greet tent is a tent with colouring stations for kids. This is a great place to come and keep your kids occupied while your youngest traveller naps or maybe while you feed that smallest traveller. It can also provide some wonderful shade and a break from the activity of the park. 

Characters in Fantasyland

Meet Rapunzel and Tiana

Located in Princess Fairytale Hall, behind Cinderella’s Castle, guests can meet Tiana and Rapunzel at the same time. This character experience does have a FastPass, which I would recommend because these lines are long and there is nothing to do to occupy your kids attention. If you can’t get a FastPass then do this first thing or at the end of the day to avoid long, long lines. This is the only place you can meet Tiana. So if have a Tiana fan this is the place to go. This is a great place for your princess to dress up in costume for some keepsake pictures.

Meet Cinderella and Elena of Avalor

Meet Cinderella and Elena of Avalor at the same time in Fairytale Hall, behind Cinderella’s Castle. The lines for this meet and greet can be very long and there’s nothing to do in this line so I would recommend getting a FastPass for this meet and greet. This is the only place you can meet the Disney Junior character Elena of Avalor. These characters spend a lot of time talking to their guests so expect to spend at least 15 minutes in the meeting area, waiting your turn and then meeting the princesses. 

Meet Peter Pan

Directly beside Peter Pan’s Flight, guests can meet Peter Pan from Neverland. Only appearing periodically between noon and four, check your My Disney Experience app during the day to confirm when he’ll be appearing. There’s no FastPasses for this meet and greet, it’s the only place to meet Peter Pan, and the line is outside, no protection from the sun. 

Meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

Beside The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh you can meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too. The pair are waiting to get a picture with you together or separately. The area is shaded, giving you a bit of relief from the sun. The two characters appear in this spot from 10:45 until 7pm, taking breaks throughout that time. There are no FastPasses available for this meet and greet. Don’t want to wait in line? Meet them at The Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare, two buffet style restaurants. 

Meet Characters from Wonderland

In front of the Mad Tea Party, you’ll find Alice, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts. Not all at the same time, they work in rotation. They only appear here in the mornings, so make sure to meet them first thing if they’re on your must do list. There’s no proper line for this experience, you’ll be directed by cast members on hand. 

Meet Merida

On the outskirts of Fantasyland you can meet Merida, the Scottish princess from Brave. You’ll find this meet and greet spot off the entrance to the Fantasyland from the courtyard in front of the Magic Kingdom. Across from the Starlight Cafe. Merida appears here from park open until 6:15pm. No Fastpasses are available at this character experience. This is the only place to meet Merida at Walt Disney World. 

Meet Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Donald

At Pete’s Silly Side Show, you can meet Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Donald Duck. They are all dressed up as different acts in the circus. Goofy as the daredevil, Donald as a snake charmer, Daisy as a fortune teller and Minnie the Magnifique. Minnie Mouse and Daisy are paired together and Donald and Goofy are paired together. You’ll have to line up separately to meet either or. Pete’s Silly Side Show is open from 10am until 7:30pm and has no Fastpasses. This whole experience takes place in a tent, giving you shade and cool air. 

Meet Ariel

Ariel is in her grotto, right beside Under The Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid. Here you’ll meet Ariel while she’s still a mermaid. You can meet her from park open to park close. There are also Fastpasses available for this meet and greet. While you’re waiting to meet Ariel you’ll be winding under the sea to her grotto. Want to meet Ariel as a human? Get the details here.

Meet Gaston

The only villain appearing in Fantasyland, Gaston can be found in front of his tavern. Appearing periodically between 10am until 4:30pm, Gaston will be sure to boast of his amazing muscles and skills. This is not a proper meet and greet area, so there’s no shelter or line. Guests waiting to meet Gaston will have to be directed by a cast member. This is the only place to meet Gaston at Walt Disney World. 

Dinning Experiences at Fantasyland

Whether you’re looking for a sit down meal, pizza, ice cream or a special and unique snack, there is plenty of choice to be found in Fantasyland. 

Cinderella’s Royal Table

One of the most popular restaurants at Walt Disney World, Cinderella’s Royal Table is a restaurant in the castle. Guests will dine on the second floor of the castle overlooking Fantasyland. Princesses will come to your table to meet you while you’re dining on one of the amazing menu items. This is one of Walt Disney World’s signature restaurants. It’s price fixed, so you pay ahead of time and then enjoy. Be sure to make a reservation in advanced. 

Be Our Guest

This restaurant is found in the Beast’s castle. Dine in the Beast’s ballroom, West Wing or the library. Be Our Guest is a quick service restaurant for breakfast and lunch. For supper you can experience a signature dining experience, a la carte. This restaurant is very popular so be sure to get a reservation in advanced. But try these last minute reservations tips to get one of these coveted reservations. Breakfast is served from 8am-10:30, lunch is served from 11am-2:30pm, and dinner is from 4pm-9:30pm. 

Pinocchio Village Haus

A quick-service restaurant, serving pastas, pizzas and salads. Pinocchio Village Haus has ample tables and chairs inside. The perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner. On one side of the restaurant you can overlook guests boarding the boats of it’s a small world. Open from 11am until park close. 

The Friar’s Nook

Your destination for snack food of the fried variety. Open from 11am to 8pm, Friar’s Nook has chicken tots, fiesta tots, greek tots, hot dogs and twinkies. They also offer a variety of iced coffees and slushies. A great place to use some dining plan snacks credits as a meal. Find Friar’s Nook right next to Princess Fairtytale Hall. 

Storybook Treats

Open 11am until park close, Storybook Treats offers soft serve ice cream. The perfect remedy for a hot day. Grab a soft serve sundae, a cookie sundae, a float, or a cone. Find Storybook Treats beside Friar’s Nook and across from the entrance of Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. 

Cheshire Cafe

One of the few places to grab breakfast at the Magic Kingdom, enjoy a one of a kind pastry: the Cheshire Cat Tail. S’mores Pie and a Ham and Cheese Pretzel are also on the menu. Cheshire Cafe is found nearby the Mad Tea Party. Grab your food and go or sit at one of the white chairs and tables. Open from 9am until 7pm. 

Gaston’s Tavern

One of the three places to grab breakfast at Fantasyland; Gaston’s Tavern offers the famous Warm Cinnamon Roll. You can also enjoy a snack style lunch with sandwiches, hummus and chips, fruit and cheese picnic platter. Eat outside or inside the tavern, beside the larger than life portrait of Gaston. 

Prince Eric’s Village Market

Across from Prince Eric’s castle you’ll find this Village Market. The perfect place to grab a healthy snack. Open from 10am until 6pm, find fruit, vegetables, water and juices. You can guarantee you’ll find something to round out that park diet. 

Extras: Big Top Souvenirs

This fantastic shop has a wonderful selection of clothes and toys but they also have candy apples, slushies, cupcakes, rice krispies treats and more. Open from 9:30am until park close. 

Shopping at Fantasyland

Sir Mickey’s

Found in the shadow of Cinderella’s Castle, Sir Mickey’s is a shop that has clothing and toys. With a heavy Mickey and Princess theme. Open from park open to park close. 

Castle Couture

Your destination for all things princess in Fantasyland. Not as busy at the Emporium found on Main Street U.S.A. and it has more variety. Open from park open to 8:15pm, pick up a princess costumes, princess toys, princess accessories, princess dolls. Everything and anything princess. Castle Couture is connected to Cinderella’s fountain, across from Prince Charming’s Carrousel. 

Fantasy Faire

This shop is found at the exit of Mickey’s Phillarmagic. Here you’ll find a variety of boxed snacks, and everything Donald Duck. Find toys, shirts and hats with all of Mickey and his pals. You can find Mickey and Minnie ears here. Open from park open to park close. 

Hundred Acre Goods

One of my favourite shops on property. Here’s where you’ll find great gifts for preschoolers, toddlers and babies. All the items here are winnie the pooh theme or snow white and the seven dwarves themed. You’ll find mugs, toys, apparel and plush toys. You can also find unique books, DVDs, blu-rays and CDs. Open from park open until park close. We’ve purchased some beautiful baby clothing here and some fantastic Melissa and Doug toys. 

Big Top Souvenirs

I love everything about this shop. You’ll find items here you won’t find anywhere else on property. Apparel for every age, Mickey ears, kitchen wares, special plush toys and more. The shop itself is a sight. Guests will find themselves inside a circus tent, all of the products are on rolling carts like circus animals. Spend sometime browsing in here and feel like you’re at the fantastical show of a live circus. Open from park open to park close. 

From shopping to dining, attractions to character experiences, you and your family will create memories here to last a lifetime. Being here is everything you’ll expect out of Walt Disney World. When you’re walking around look at the ground to see all the details of each area. Nuts in the ground of storybook circus, shells in the ground outside of Prince Eric’s castle, and bricks and stones in the courtyard of Gaston’s Tavern. Come, enjoy and take in all the fantastic elements of Fantasyland. Happy Planning.