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Everything You’ll Find at Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge. The Star Wars Land in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is one of Disney World’s four theme parks. It’s home to 9 areas, each with their own theme. The 9 areas at Hollywood Studios are: Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Echo Lake, Commissary Lane, Grand Avenue, Toy Story Land, Pixar Place, Animation Courtyard and Galaxy’s Edge. Today we’re taking a detailed look at Galaxy’s Edge. Examining the attractions, shopping and dining available in this area of Hollywood Studios.


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This new ride at Walt Disney World is on my list of 5 favourite attractions. The ride has multiple stages, as guests come along side the resistance to fight the first order. Guests even get captured and placed in a prison cell. To go into too much detail certainly would ruin the experience but it’s an immersive experience that has guests zooming through a First Order ship. The ride is restricted to guests 40 inches and taller and has a different waiting system. For more on that click here.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Be a part of the piloting team as the Millennium Falcon is sent on a mission. Each guest is given a job, with buttons to push or things to steer. All guests work together to get the Millennium Falcon to its destination. It is a very bumpy ride and the overture leading into the ride may frighten young ones but the ride itself isn’t scary. Guests must be 38 inches to ride this attraction.


Ronto Roasters

This coffee lover assumed roasters was talking about roasting coffee beans. Nope! It’s alluding to meat being roasted. Ronto Roasters, found in the Galaxy’s Edge market, serves snack style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is limited. For breakfast your options are overnight oats, morning wrap, ronto wrap or the galma snack sampler. For lunch and dinner the choices are the ronto wrap, the galma snack sampler and the zuchii wrap. The ronto wrap is a hot dog style meat wrapped in naan style bread topped with tangy slaw. Great choices for a snack style meal.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Kat Saka’s Kettle is found in the market of Galaxy’s Edge and has one thing on their menu: popcorn. This popcorn has a mix of sweet and salty flavours.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

This is the proper quick-service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge. All other dining experience found in this area have more snack style lunches and less choices. Like all other aspects of Galaxy’s Edge, this restaurant is supposed to place guests in the world of Star Wars. Which means the food found at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is loosely American with some outer worldly elements. The food comes in platters and is presented beautifully but won’t look familiar to younger visitors. It’s a delicious choice for adventurous kiddos but not for the pickier eaters. A must for any Star Wars loving adult. Make sure to take advantage of the mobile ordering because the restaurant is so popular and the menu is so different. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is open for lunch and dinner. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is located by Smuggler’s Run in the southern part of the land.

Oga’s Cantina

This lounge style restaurant has guests flocking to it. This restaurant is open most of the day and has a vast selection of cocktails with and without alcohol. The lounge is family friendly, offering a minimal food menu. Guests need reservations to grab a table or stool at this popular spot.

Milk Stand

Get your hands on a delicious glass of blue or green milk. The drink comes alcoholic or non, and is the drink Luke and Ben are seen drinking in A New Hope. The stand is found on the further western corner of the park.


Resistance Supply

This kiosk shop is found outside of the Rise of the Resistance attraction. Open from park open until close, Resistance Supply has everything you’ll need to fight against the First Order. Items found here are for children and for adults. From Pilot costumes to Resistance Jackets for everyday use, this kiosk is a fantastic spot to find gear for the Star Wars fan.

Jewels of Bith

This small shop has minimal merchandise, a little bit of apparel and some small keepsakes. You’ll find magnets here, t-shirts, sweaters, hats and keychains.

Creature Stall

Find a plush version of your favourite Star Wars creature here. Whether you’re looking for the Abominable Snowman, Fathiers or Banthas, you’ll find something you can take home with you to snuggle. Creature Stall is located in the market area of Galaxy’s Edge. The store is open from park open until park close.

Black Spire Outfitters

Here’s where you’ll find an incredible assortment of Jedi style everyday wear. You’ll find tops and bottoms that are styled off of Jedi clothing but can be worn in real life. There’s also a few satchels and belts to complete your outfit. This shop is open from park open until park close and is located in the Galaxy’s Edge market.

Toydarian Toymaker

Located in the market area of Galaxy’s Edge, Toydarian Toymaker is home to action figures, plush toys, and dramatic play accessories. The perfect spot to find an item for your Star Wars loving child. This shop is open from park open until park close.

Savi’s Workshop: Handbuilt Lightsabers

This shop is more than a store, it’s an experience that typically requires a reservation. Guests can build a lightsaber with a gatherer who will help decide which aspects of a lightsaber is required for the journey of the guest. The cost of a lightsaber is $199, and payment is required upon entering the experience.

Dok-Ondar’s: Den of Antiquities

This shop is tucked away and carries apparel, jewelry, and collectibles. You may want to come into this store just to gawk at the design. There’s several helmets on the walls that you can challenge yourself to place. If you’re looking for something special to take home be sure to check the glass case.

First Order Cargo

This shop is the ultimate stop for a dark side fan. You’ll find storm trooper costumes, toys, first order officer jackets. The shop is tucked away at the farthest edge of Galaxy’s Edge, all the way to the west. You’ll have to search it out to find it.

Droid Depot

Build your very own droid at this store. The droid depot has droid parts on a conveyor belt. Guests can assemble their choice droid to take home with them. Guests pick from a variety of blueprints to make a droid, with the help of a clerk. The cost of a droid is $99 and it’s recommended that kids 3 and up participate in this interactive shopping experience.

Galaxy’s Edge is every Star Wars fan dream. Guests will feel they’ve departed our world and ended up lightyears away. There is so much to explore beyond the attractions. Carve out time to explore the little areas tucked away throughout the land. On our visit here, with our three kids 7 and under, we found it wasn’t an ideal place for our kiddos. Even though they are big Star Wars fans. Check out this previous post on why Galaxy’s Edge isn’t made for youngsters by click here.

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