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Disney World’s Value Resorts Ranked from Cheapest to Most Expensive

There are several resorts located at the Walt Disney World property. There are hotels that are owned by your favourite chains, but our favourites are the Disney World resort hotels. These are hotels opened and operated by Disney. These resorts have transportation directly to the parks and are staffed by Disney cast members. Creating a magical experience in all aspects of your vacation. For the perks of staying at one of the Disney World resorts click here. The resorts fall into one of four categories: value, moderate, deluxe or deluxe villas. Today, we’re going to look at the resorts that are in the value category and find out where they all land on the expense spectrum.

There are five resorts that are in this category. The cost of staying at one of the resorts will range based on the time of year you are visiting and what kind of deal you can get. There are always deals to be had at Disney World, you simply need to know where to look. For more on how to get the best deal on your Disney World vacation click here. For the purpose of figuring out the cost of each resort, in comparison to the others, I looked at the cheapest cost per night for the whole calendar year. This is going to be weeknights during low seasons. But regardless, whether you’re visiting during the quietest time of year or the busiest, the cheapest resort will remain the cheapest.

Disney’s All-Star Sports $111

All-Star Sports is found in the Animal Kingdom resort area, within walking distance of the two other All-Star resorts. The resort has larger than life sports equipment including football helmets, basketball nets, tennis rackets and baseball bats. The resort hosts standard rooms, as well as suites. There are two pools at the resort, one being the main feature pool and another tucked in the Baseball area of the resort. There is a quick-service restaurant found in the main building of All-Star Sports called End Zone Food Court and a pool side bar. The transportation available to this resort is bus only. There are 5 themed areas of the resort: Baseball, Tennis, Football, Surfing and Basketball. Surfing being the closest to the main building. All-Star Sports resort hosts 1,920 rooms.

Disney’s All-Star Movies $118

All-Star Movies is another All-Star resort, located in the Animal Kingdom resort area. This resort has larger than life re-creations of your favourite Disney film characters. There are five areas themed after five different films: Toy Story, Fantasia, Love Bug, 101 Dalmatians and the Mighty Ducks. The Mighty Ducks has its own pool, as its the farthest away from the main building. The feature pool is found among the Fantasia themed buildings and are surrounded by broomsticks and wash buckets. Not far from the feature pool is a little splash area for young kids. The only transportation available to this resort is bus. The main building hosts the lobby, a merchandise shop and a quick-service food court style restaurant. There is also a pool side bar. All-Star Movies resort also hosts a playground that’s located past the main building, on your way to the Toy Story area. There are 1,920 rooms at Disney’s All-Star Movies resort.

Disney’s All-Star Music $118

All-Star Music is also found in the Animal Kingdom resort area, in the middle of the other two All-Star Resorts. As with the other All-Star resorts, there are larger than life re-creations of musical instruments. Each theming the area. There’s a country themed area, jazz themed, rock themed, Broadway themed and calypso themed. There are two pool areas here, both closely located. The pool in the jazz area resembles a large piano, the pool in the calypso area is shaped like a massive guitar, with Donald, Panchito and Jose in the very middle. The main building is home to guest relations, some shopping, and of course the quick-service style food court. There are 1,706 rooms at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort $162

Disney’s Pop Century is a little more expensive than the All-Star resorts. A little over $40 a night more expensive, equating to around $250 for a 6 night vacation. Pop Century is located in the Wide World of Sports resort area and is a stone throw away from the Art of Animation resort. Pop Century has bus transportation as well as access to the Skyliner transportation, which provides transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Pop Century is made up of four building areas: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s/90’s. Similar to the All-Star resorts, the buildings are adored with larger than life replicas of objects that highlight that era. For example, in the 70’s section there is a life size foosball table, Mickey Mouse phone and big wheel tricycle. This resort hosts 2,880 rooms. This is the resort with the largest amount of rooms in the Value category, which of course means more guests to contend with for transportation and at the pools. Pop Century has three pools to accommodate all these guests. The main feature pool is found in the 60’s area and has a kiddie pool close by. The other two pools are found in the 50’s section, shaped like a bowling pin, and the 80’s/90’s section, shaped like a computer. There’s a large food court style restaurant found inside Pop Century’s main building, as well as a pool side bar by the main pool. The two transportation options are something that brings the price of this resort up.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $188

The newest addition to the value resort category is the Art of Animation. Disney’s Art of Animation is every Disney movie fans dream. There are four sections of the resort each heavily themed off of a Disney film. There’s the Cars area, Finding Nemo area, Lion King area and the Little Mermaid area. The larger than life statues that make up this resort are so impressive it’s worth a visit even if you’re not staying at the resort. There are 3 pools found at Art of Animation, the feature pool is in the Finding Nemo area. The other two pools are found in the Little Mermaid area and the Cars area. In among the Lion King buildings you’ll find the Elephant graveyard, a fun spot for kids to play around. The main building hosts a large cafeteria style restaurant and a few shops. Art of Animation has access to the Skyliner transportation as well as bus transportation. What makes this resort more expensive than the others is the multiple transportation options and the newness of the resort. There are 1,984 rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation, these rooms also include large family suites.

There you have it. These are the resorts that make up the value resort category at Disney World. Ranked by price per night. As you can tell, the resorts are very similar. The rooms style are the same and the general layout is carbon copied. Whether you want to pay the extra money for the newer resort and the few extra amenities is something to consider. For more tips on choosing where to stay during your Disney World vacation check out these previous posts:

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