Trip Preparation

Disney World Vacation Planning Lingo

Any trip to Disney World can be fun filled, with the right attitude. Yes, you’ll be told to do lots and lots of planning, but you don’t HAVE to do anything but show up to have a marvellous vacation at any of the Disney Parks. You could go to the Magic Kingdom without the knowledge of the many systems to enhance your day and still have a marvellous day. But if you do want to do some planning and make the most of what is offered to guests, you’re going to need to know a few of the terms. Here are nine terms that you’ll need to know and understand when you embark on preparing for your trip to Walt Disney World. Knowing this language will help you understand the many blog posts you’ll read or the advice you’ll get from fans of the Disney Parks.


FastPasses are a skip the line pass available at most of the attractions, stage shows and character experiences at the four Disney World theme parks. Each guest, yes that’s any guest with a park pass, gets a minimum of 3 FastPasses per day. A FastPass gives you access to a shorter line. It is still a line, but a much shorter one than the main cue. The line can be anywhere from a few minute wait to a 20 minute wait, depending on how many people are using the FastPass at that time. Just as there is a limited number of FastPasses a guest can get each day, there is a limited number of FastPasses given out for each attraction per day. The more popular rides have their FastPasses fill up weeks in advance. For more information on FastPasses check out this previous post by clicking here.


ADR is an acronym for Advanced Dining Reservations. Before you head to Disney World you’ll want to book your dining at table service restaurants ahead of time. These reservations are called ADRs.


A MagicBand is a wristband that holds a lot of your information on it. The band comes in multiple colours and has a Mickey Mouse symbol on the top. It has your credit card on it, your room key on it, your park passes, your dining plan on it. A MagicBand allows you to move freely around the Walt Disney World resort property without bringing your purse or wallet with you. You wear your MagicBand, tap your Mickey Mouse shape against the matching shape and voila! This tapping is used at the entrance to the parks, at the check outs of the many shops, as payment for meals. Your FastPasses are also linked up to your MagicBand. It’s by scanning your MagicBand that you’ll be allowed access to these exclusive FastPass lines. For more information on MagicBands click here.

Cast Members

This is the name given to any person working at Walt Disney World. The philosophy at Disney World is the whole resort is a stage and those working on a stage are a part of the cast. Therefore, the many staff members of the Walt Disney World resorts are deemed cast members.


This is your personal Disney World vacation account. It is from this account that all your dining reservations are saved, your FastPass reservations are saved, your resort information. MyDisneyExperience is found on the Walt Disney World website and can also be access via the MyDisneyExperience app. You can create a MyDisneyExperience account whenever. You don’t need to have a trip planned or coming up. It’s a free account to anyone who wishes to dream of vacationing at Disney World.


All around Walt Disney World property you’ll see photographers at the ready to capture a picture of you and yours. These cast members wear vest with PhotoPass printed on the back. These photographers will take your picture and scan your MagicBand. Any pictures taken by these photographers will be linked to your MyDisneyExperience account and will be available to purchase.


MemoryMaker is a package that can be purchased with your Disney World vacation package. With this package you will have access to all the photos that are taken by PhotoPass photographers during your trip to Walt Disney World. You’ll be able to print them at your leisure after your vacation.

Dining Plan

There are four dining plans that can be purchased as a part of your Walt Disney World vacation package. These plans give you meal credits that can be used for food during the course of your vacation. For more on the plans available click here.

Rider Switch Pass

There are times when someone from your party has to sit out of an attraction. Whether it’s because they are too small or have a medical condition or what have you. For groups that have to split up for this reason, they can take advantage of the Rider Switch Pass. The first group will go through the regular line, or the FastPass line. The second group will use their rider switch pass and bypass the line. For more details click here.