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Disney World Height Requirement Sizes

Attractions are a main part of the four Disney World theme parks. The attractions of each park are what draw guests from all over the world to come to Orlando, Florida. There are a vast variety of attractions found at Disney World: rides that are created for the whole family to enjoy together, roller coaster for the thrill seekers, educational cruises, and classics that have remained the same for decades. To keep the guests safe, Disney World has height requirements for many of their attractions. And they all fall under 7 different categories.

No Height Requirement

These rides are for every guests. They can be enjoyed by babies sitting in a parent’s lap, they can be enjoyed by a tween, they can be enjoyed by a grandparent. This is the largest amount of rides found at Walt Disney World. A reminder that there is no age too young to visit Walt Disney World. For the full list click here.

32 inches and taller

For guests to ride this attraction they must be a minimum of 32 inches. There are only 2 rides at Walt Disney World with this height restriction, one is found at Hollywood Studios and one is found at Magic Kingdom. For the full list for this height click here.

35 inches and taller

This is another small category of attractions. On this list is one rollercoaster that is specifically made to include younger children. Children will be around the age of 2 when they reach this height, which means you could still have a free rider who gets to enjoy these small little thrill rides. The ride is the Barnstormer at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

38 inches and taller

38 inches is going to include most 3 year olds and a few under 3. There are a couple of attractions on this list, more rollercoasters made to include smaller riders. Just because they are made for smaller riders does not mean that they are any less exciting and shouldn’t be ridden by the faint of heart. For the full list of attractions click here.

40 inches and taller

The next big category of attractions is 40 inches and taller. This encompasses rides that bring guests into the air, a faster moving rollercoaster, and rides with unexpected drops. Here’s where you need to start concerning yourself not just with height but with content as well. Some of these attractions are scary, and although your child may be tall enough to ride them, does not mean they are old enough. For a full list of attractions for those 40 inches and taller click here.

44 inches and taller

This second last category kids typically reach by the age of 5. It includes rollercoasters through the dark, backwards moving rollercoasters and flights through the sky. This is where a lot of the most popular rides are and where you may want to use many of your FastPass + choices. For a full list of the attractions click here.

48 inches and taller

The last category is 48 inches and taller. There is now only one ride on this list. A couple of the newer attractions, supposed to be opening in 2021, will be added to this list. But for now the only one of this list is Rock’n’Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. This rollercoaster takes riders upside down and at wicked fast speeds. Kids typically reach 48 inches by the time they are 7 but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to ride a roller most that takes them upside down.

Just because an attraction says that no height is required does not mean that it is safe for all riders. If you are pregnant you need to steer clear of the attractions listed here, if you get motion sickness be leery of rides that move up and down, no height requirement does not mean suitable for all.

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