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Disney World Dining Reservations and FastPass + Reservations COVID-19 Update

Walt Disney World is scheduled to reopen in different phases starting at the end of the month. Disney Springs has already opened and the next thing to open will be the Walt Disney World resorts. Many of these are set to open June 22nd. The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are expected to open on July 11th, with Epcot and Hollywood Studios following suit on July 15th. The experiences in the parks will be very different. To get the details see this previous post.

There will be limited entry into the parks, with a new system in place regarding tickets. Because of this, no tickets are currently for sale. Because of this, all dining and FastPass + reservations have been cancelled. These reservations will be able to be remade at a later date once the newest systems have been put into place.

Going forward, dining reservations will only be able to be booked 60 days ahead of time. As of right now there are no updates regarding FastPass +. Who knows if this will even be available, as the cast members try to deal with lines and keep people at a physical distance.

It appears as though the changes will continue and be modified as the reopening date moves closer. I can only imagine the disappointment of those who have spent so much time and energy planning out their upcoming trips. We’ve experienced the disappointment of cancelling trips in the past, I mean it was nothing like this of course. But it can be so frustrating to see all that effort go down the tubes. I just really hope that 2021 will be a great year for us to celebrate the 50 year celebration of Walt Disney World. A year that we can look back at the distorted reality that was 2020. I normally sign off with Happy Planning, Friends but this time I’ll sign off with Keep Dreaming, Friends.