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Disney World Cancellation Policies

A trip to Disney World is costly. From your hotel stay, your tickets, your food. Lots of your hard earned money is going to be spent on this vacation at the most magical place on earth. Today, we’re going to look at the cancellation policies with Walt Disney World to make sure you don’t loose your vacation investment. Why you need to look at the cancellation policies is because unexpected things come up. Maybe a family member falls sick or your kid’s team qualifies for a once in a lifetime sports event. You could be planning your vacation months and months in advanced and something unexpected could happen. More than likely nothing will come up but you should make yourself familiar with the cancellation policies in case you need to use them. Now this is for cancellations, not for changes. What we’re looking at today is if you need to altogether cancel your vacation.


If you have only a room reserved for your vacation, what’s considered a “room only” reservation, you have up until 5 days before to cancel. Cancelling anytime before 5 days before you’ll receive a full refund. If you have to cancel between 5 days and the day of your reservation you’ll only be out the cost of your first night.


Tickets, no matter which event you have purchased them for, are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you purchase a 5 day park pass and don’t use it for all the 5 days there’s no refund, you are simply out the funds. So make sure to use all these days you are purchasing. Do not go with the ticket package they automatically suggest because this will include your arrival day which you won’t likely be able to head to a park on this day. Especially if you arrive into Orlando any time after noon.


If you purchase a full package for your Disney vacation, this means your room, your tickets, your dining plan, you can cancel and get a full refund as long as it’s 30 days before. If it’s anywhere between 29 and 2 days before you’ll loose your $200 deposit. If you cancel the day before or don’t show up you’ll be out your full amount.


Once you register for a runDisney event you can not get a refund on the event. You also can not sell your registration to another runner. If you can not make the event you have to forfeit your participation. You can not defer to the following year either. So make sure when you’re training for your race that you don’t overtrain. Insuring you’ll make it to the starting line.

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