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Disney Vacation Secret: How to get an EMPTY bus

How to get an empty bus at Walt Disney World? There are two answers to this. The first is very simple but implementing it can be much more difficult. The answer is get to the bus stop early. Take the bus to the parks before the parks even open. And I mean long before they open. The buses begin running an hour and a half before the park opens. This is when the buses are empty.

You may think getting to the parks this early is unnecessary. What are you going to do at the parks an hour and a half before the parks open. Well your bus drive to the park may take 20 minutes, so that eats up part of the time. You will then have to go through security. You’ll have to scan your Magicband or your park ticket. This will also take time. And two of the parks actually open their gates before the park actually opens. At the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom they open their gates to guests a full hour before the park opens. So you can do some shopping and get some fantastic photos before the day even really begins.

By getting to the parks this early you’re also getting yourself ahead of the crowds. Most people aim to be at the parks for park open, so if you’re there at the time of park open you’re going to be among a huge crowd of people entering the parks. Stuck in huge lines at security and the entry gates.

The other way to get an empty bus is to go to and from the parks at odd times. If you head to the parks in the middle of the day, your bus is going to be empty, same goes for leaving in the afternoon.

Riding an empty bus creates a relaxing start to your day. You don’t have to squeeze between other guests, you don’t have to split up your party to get seats and you can actually get seats.

You can guarantee that the buses are going to be jam packed at the end of the park day. Finding a place to sit is scarce, you can expect to stand. Normally guests are fairly good about making room for smaller guests and the elderly. The bus drivers do their best to fill these buses to capacity, so you’ll likely be in someone’s personal space.

Grabbing an empty bus at the beginning of the day is one of the many reasons to be up bright and early to get to the parks. For more tips on park preparation take a look at these previous posts:

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