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Disney Vacation Club Parties

Being Disney Vacation Club members you have access to exclusive lounges found around the Walt Disney World property. You get discounts at many of the popular restaurants found in and outside of the parks. Of course there’s the many Moonlight Magic events that have become so hard to get tickets to. Another event that are for members and their guests only are DVC holiday parties. For many of the holidays, there’s a special party for members who purchase tickets. The parties are always located at one of the ballrooms in the Contemporary resort.

At these parties members will enjoy delicious food, character meet and greets, sometimes crafts and games and there’s always a dance party. You have to keep an eye on the members events page to find when the tickets become available for these events. They do sell out very quickly so you’ve got to make sure you are ready and waiting like it’s your Advanced Dining Reservation day. Here are the holidays there were Disney Vacation Club parties for last year:

Mother’s Day Brunch

Independence Day Dessert Party

Thanksgiving Feast

Holiday Dinner

New Year’s Eve Eve Party

The cost of these events vary. But so do the offerings. The Independence Day dessert party obviously offers desserts. The Thanksgiving Feast is going to have more food and therefore a higher cost. The tickets for the Thanksgiving Feast were $90 and tickets for the Independence Day dessert party were $42.

These events are not so much a thank you to members, as the Membership Magic events are. These events are an excuse for members to celebrate these holidays together. It’s one of my Disney Dreams to dine at the Mother’s Day Brunch.

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