Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club: Home Resort

If you’ve been thinking about buying into the Disney Vacation Club, the amount of information to absorb is quite overwhelming. One of the decisions you have to make when you’re purchasing your time share is which package you want to buy, for which resort. You may have a number of factors dictating your decision. Ours was we wanted the best deal for our money. Regardless of what your factors are here’s a few more details about what a home resort means and how it will direct your vacations from the time you purchase until the end of your contract.

Your home resort is your place of ownership. It’s where your annual dues payment goes, it’s the physical property that you have ownership into. Beyond that, your home resort is where you have easiest access to when booking your vacation. You can book your vacation at your home resort 11 months in advanced. So for the busiest times of year you can secure your spot and ensure you will be at least staying at your home resort for said vacation. At the 7 month window you have access to all the other Disney Vacation Club resorts. If you are planning on always vacationing at a low time of year, such as January (with the exception of Race Weekend), September and early December, then your ability to get a room in other resorts is quite high. If you plan on vacationing at high season, such as March, April or July, it’s harder to get reservations at any resort other than your home resort. If you and your family can only make your vacations work in the busier seasons, than make sure your home resort is one that works best for your family long term. Which is why I don’t recommend buying into the Disney Vacation Club resorts away from Florida. There are four other resort locations: Hawaii, South Carolina, California and Vero Beach, Florida. If you buy into one of these properties you are going to have a very difficult time vacationing at Walt Disney World during peak season.

When purchasing, purchase as though you will be vacationing at this resort every single time you stay at Walt Disney World. Go and explore the resort and make sure you love it. If you don’t, then wait. Disney Vacation Club is always creating more resorts, like this year they’re opening Disney’s Riveria Resort and they’ve begun construction on a new resort by Wilderness Lodge.

With the growing membership of DVC it is getting harder and harder to book accommodations that are not your home resort, also with Disney Vacation Club rentals people are booking accommodations and then renting them to other people. So the only guarantee you have is your 11 month window with your home resort. And even then, if you are going for one of the busiest weeks (Christmas for example), you need to be prepared on your Booking Day.

All this being said, we are still thrilled to have purchased our DVC membership and have come to love our home resort, Saratoga Springs. We continue to save incredible amounts of money by having become members. If you love Walt Disney World and plan on vacationing multiple times over the course of your life it is worth looking into. So do you and your family a favour and make an appointment to meet with a Disney Vacation Club realtor on your next Disney Vacation.