Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club: Borrowing Points

Disney Vacation Club is a Disney time share company. Members can use their points to stay at Disney Vacation Club properties at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hilton Head, Vero Beach and Hawaii. Members can also use their points to stay at non-disney vacation club properties at any of the Disney resorts. Such as Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resort. Some members use their points for Disney Cruises or Adventures by Disney. There are many ways to use your points.

Each year members receive their annual allotment of points. Be it 100 to 400. It all depends on which package you purchased. Now if you vacation the same way every year, staying at the same resort, vacationing at the same time of year with the same amount of people, then you probably have the amount of points you want and that’s enough. Sometimes the annual allotment is not enough for what you want to do. Now what does that look like? You may need more points for the following reasons:

More People.

Maybe you’re bringing along the grandparents for a trip. So instead of your normal 1 bedroom villa you would prefer a 2 bedroom villa. Maybe you’re going to be celebrating a family reunion, so a bungalow or Saratoga Springs Treehouse is in order. These larger villas cost more points. Maybe more than your annual allotment.

Grander Resort.

Maybe you want to stay in the Magic Kingdom Resort area or on Crescent Lake and you normally stay at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs. The Magic Kingdom resort area requires more points than the Disney Springs resort area.

Busier Time of Year.

Maybe your kids are getting older and are committed to sports teams and ballet recitals which can restrict the time of year you’re able to head down to Disney. Instead of early December or early January, you now have to head down during March break or Easter weekend. Busier times of year cost more points.


Maybe you finally want to take a Disney Cruise and want to use your points to do so. These cruises cost a lot of points, especially if you’re bringing the whole family.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to need more points than you receive every single year. That’s why Disney Vacation Club thought of borrowing points. With no extra cost, members can borrow points from the upcoming year for the current use year’s vacation. You can borrow a few points, you can borrow all of the points. This now opens a lot more doors for you.

Once you borrow these points they now stay in the year you moved them to. If we borrow our 2019 points to use in 2018 they must now be used in 2018. For instance, if we have to cancel our trip or we change our reservation to a resort that costs less points, the points we moved now stay in the year they were moved to.

It is a wonderful perk. It makes vacationing with other members of your family possible. It makes staying at that dream resort possible. It makes vacationing when you want possible. Disney Vacation Club, it truly is a magical way to vacation. Happy Planning, Friends.