Character Meet and Greet

Characters at Epcot

Meeting Disney characters is a wonderful part of Disney World vacations. Many of the characters are tucked away. Many only come out at certain times. Here we have listed all of the characters that can be found at the Epcot theme park. Where they can be found and approximately when.


Meet Alice at the United Kingdom pavilion during your day at Epcot. She can be found here during the afternoons in front of The Tea Caddy shop.


This loveable character from Big Hero 6, is ready to give you a hug in Epcot’s Future World West. This character location is found in the passage you take to get to The Land and The Sea area of Epcot. The character location will be on your right. This meet and greet is inside and is open from park open until park close.


Meet Belle in the France Pavilion. Just before you cross the bridge to get into the United Kingdom, you’ll find Belle, sometimes with the Beast. Here you’ll meet Belle in her blue dress and white apron. She appears periodically throughout the afternoon and early evening.

Donald Duck

Donald is in his Mexican attire at the Mexican pavilion. Just as you’re exiting the Mexican pavilion before getting into the Norway pavilion, Donald will be awaiting you. He is here during the afternoon and early evening.

Elsa and Anna

You can meet Elsa and Anna at the Norway Pavilion. Their meet and greet location is inside their summer cottage. Elsa is dressed in her beautiful blue gown and Anna is dressed in her dress from her adventure up the North Mountain. This character experience is open from park open until park close.


Goofy is found in Epcot Future World West, along with Minnie and Mickey. It’s here you’ll find Goofy in his classic outfit. As you’d expect he is larger than life. This character spot is open from park open until park close. FastPasses are offered at this character spot. To find this spot, you’ll have to make your way towards The Land or The Sea and you’ll find this character spot on your left.

Joy and Sadness

These two main characters from Inside Out are found at the Future World West, across from Baymax. They’re here from park open until park close.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins appears periodically throughout the afternoon in the United Kingdom pavilion. You’ll have to head towards the back of the pavilion where the gardens are to find her. Although there have been times that we’ve seen her closer to the bridge.

Mickey Mouse

Come meet Mickey Mouse in Future World West, alongside Minnie and Goofy. Here Mickey will take pictures with you and sign your autograph book. You can wait in line to meet this famous mouse or you can choose to book a FastPass. This character meet and greet location is open from park open to park close.

Minnie Mouse

The only place to meet Minnie Mouse in her original costume, Minnie Mouse is waiting to meet guests along with Mickey and Goofy. This meet and greet location is found in Future World West, as you’re entering The Land and The Sea. You can grab a FastPass for this character meeting, or wait in line anytime between park open and park close.


Meet Mulan at the China pavilion in World Showcase. She appears in her traditional Chinese dress periodically throughout the afternoon. The China pavilion is found between Norway and Germany. This is the only place in Walt Disney World to meet Mulan.


Meet Pluto in the shadow of Spaceship Earth. Mickey Mouse’s dog will sign autographs and take pictures with guests throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine can be found deep in the Moroccan pavilion. She’s found amongst the four shops in this pavilion. So you’ll have to veer off the World Showcase race track to find her. This Arabian princess meets guests in the afternoon.

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora is not listed on the map as appearing in Epcot but she’s known to show up in the France pavilion on the odd day. You’ll find her in a gazebo in France, closer to the shops. You’ll most likely find her here in the afternoon.

Snow White

Germany is home to Snow White and sometimes Dopey. You’ll see her as you enter the Germany pavilion from the China pavilion. You won’t be able to miss as she’s position right on the main strip. This meet and greet is outside and Snow White will be accompanied by a Cast Member who will help keep guests in line. Snow White can be found here in the afternoon. Check your park times guide for specifics on the day of your visit.

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope

Meet this odd couple inside ImageWorks at Epcot. ImageWorks is located on the western side of Epcot, near The Land. You can enter the building and find the character spot or simply ride Journey into Imagination with Figment and you can meet Ralph and Vanellope upon exiting the attraction. They appear here from park open until 7pm.

Character Dining

Don’t forget you don’t have to wait in line to meet characters. You can opt to dine at one of the character dining experiences where characters come right to your table. There are two of these restaurants found right in Epcot.

Garden Grill

Located on the ground floor of The Land, Garden Grill is an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Garden Grill hosts Chip n Dale, Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Giving guests a chance to meet these beloved characters while eating their fill. Garden Grill opens at 8am so a breakfast reservation here could get you into the park before it opens. Make sure to be ready 180 days ahead of time to make your reservation.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is located in Norway and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet a multitude of princesses: Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora and Ariel. The food here is Norwegian, so choose the breakfast meal if you’re dining with picky eaters.

That’s plenty of characters to fill up your autograph book. Which will you choose to meet on your day at Epcot? For more posts on characters found at Walt Disney World, check out these previous posts:

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