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Cancelling our 2020 Disney World Vacation

Disney World has reopened its gates. Some of the Disney World Hotels are welcoming back visitors. For the list that aren’t click here. Guests are planning vacations to return to the most magical place on earth. We were going to be one of those families. We had every intention of returning to Walt Disney World December of this year. We had booked a stay at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and were planning on taking in all the festive activities found at Disney World over the holidays. Our family is made up of my husband and myself, and our three children: 7, 5 and 1. We are Disney Vacation Club members, who head down to Disney World on an annual basis. Despite this, we’ve decided to cancel our trip for Disney World this December. These are the 5 reasons we won’t be heading to Disney World this year:

International Travel

We are Canadians. As of right now, traveling to the United States, beyond essential travel, is not permitted. Travelling down to Florida for our annual fix certainly doesn’t fit the essential travel bill.

2nd Trip

Earlier this year, we headed to Disney World. This was our first trip in 18 months, having stayed home due to the birth of our 3rd child. Because we missed out on our trip in 2019, we thought we’d make up for it in 2020 with two trips. Knowing we’ve already made it down to Florida this year makes it easier to put off our December trip to 2021.


Even if our borders between Canada and the United States reopen to tourist travel, we think those who choose to travel will need to stay in isolation for 14 days upon returning home. After having a 7 day vacation, you can’t rationalize isolating yourself for 14 days. It certainly makes sense if the travel was essential. But it doesn’t if it was just for a fun visit.


2021 is Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The year is expected to be full of fun and exciting special events to celebrate the monumental occasion. Returning for next’s years festivities is definitely in our plans. Whether that has to be in the latter part of the year only time will tell.

No Parties

One of the big reasons we wanted to make our way to Disney World in December was to take in all the Christmas events. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, the Candlelight Processional, these events are not expected to happen this year. Which makes the purpose of this vacation null and void.

Of course the big reason for skipping this December trip is COVID. That’s the reason that causes all of the other reasons. But I feel like it’s a given at this point and not merited to be put on the list. Would we be heading down if we hadn’t already been there in January, maybe we’d still have the trip scheduled, maybe we’d be holding out hope that things would turn around. Right now though, I feel like we’ve made the right decision for our family. We’ll certainly keep on dreaming up plans for when we do return. Happy Planning, Friends.