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Best Trip Tips: Sunscreen

A must for any trip to Walt Disney World is sunscreen for young and old. Even if you expect to be on rides all day long you will get exposure to the sun. I am putting my mom hat on and expressing the importance of protecting your skin from the suns rays. Here are a few tips regarding sunscreen during your Disney Vacation.

Bring Your Own.

Similar to my advice on strollers, bring a brand of sunscreen you can trust. And bring three bottles with you. One for your room, one for your backpack and one to lose. There is plenty of sunscreen for purchase throughout Disney parks and Disney resorts but they won’t necessarily carry the brand or the line you are used to. If you end up using what’s on sight you may end up having an allergic reaction, or it may make your eyes water or it may stain your clothes. So make sure this is at the top of your packing list. (It’s on my list of toddler essentials, if you’re looking for other items you want to make sure you remember).

Apply on the bus.

If you’re staying on site you will be spending a lot of time travelling to and from the parks, even if you’re in one of the resort areas that has easy access to one or two parks. A great way to pass time while travelling to your favourite Disney park is to apply sunscreen. Put it on your kids, and your whole entourage. Most bus trips to different parks last 15 to 20 minutes. This gives you ample time to apply sunscreen to all necessary places, plus it will remind you of where your sunscreen is for when you need it later in the day.

Apply when you eat.

As a rule of thumb you’re supposed to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours, which is pretty close to how often you’ll be eating during your day at the park. Sitting down for a snack, apply sunscreen after you’re done. Ready to leave your meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, apply sunscreen. Hopefully this will allow you stay away from any burns during your vacation.

Do not apply sunscreen before a character meeting.

Many sunscreens create a glossy film that will show up on camera so be sure to hold off on your  application until after you meet your favourite character. There’s nothing worse then seeing your picture with the hard to find Captain Hook and realize that your face is extremely shiny and can’t be posted to instagram.

These are some simple tips but will make your days sunburn free and your pictures all the nicer.

Happy Planning.

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