Disney with Kids

Best Trip Tips: Strollers

If you are travelling with a child 5 and under, a stroller is a must for your Disney Vacation. Each park is extremely large and to have your kids walking will cause them to become cranky and exhausted. Strollers give you the chance to motor from one end of the park to the next without having to worry about your child tripping or needing a break. The question here isn’t whether you need a stroller, it’s which option should you choose. There are many rental options to choose from. You can rent straight from Walt Disney World, choose from a wide variety of independent companies or my favourite choice: bring your own.

Walt Disney World

This is the cheapest choice for renting a stroller. For $15/day or $13/multiple days you receive a single stroller. It has a large canopy and lots of leg room. They also have a double stroller for $31/day or $27/multiple days. Again with a large canopy and plenty of leg room. If you plan on using a stroller for each day of your stay be sure to mention it when you rent your first day to make sure you get the multi day discount. There are many cons to using this particular service:

Everyone has the same stroller. Increasing the likelihood that yours will be taken accidentally.

You have to pick up the stroller when you arrive at the park. Wasting precious park time standing in line waiting to pick up a stroller.

Your little has to walk from the bus stop, boat launch or monorail to the entrance of the park. Which in the case of guests walking from a resort to a park, or park hopping from Epcot to Hollywood Studios, that’s a long way for a little to walk.

If you realize you need a stroller last minute then this is a great option. Or if your budget only permits the choice then it is better to have a stroller than not.


There are a variety of companies that offer stroller rentals. They will drop them off at your resort for your arrival and you use them for the length of your stay. Many are well priced with many stroller options. You may even be able to find your identical stroller. Here are a few of the companies:

1. Magic Strollers. There are three styles of single strollers ranging from $33-45 per night ($7-9 for every additional night). There are three styles of double strollers ranging from $45-60 per night ($8-9 for every additional night).

2. Orlando Strollers. There are 5 single stroller styles ranging from $40 for 1-3 nights to $60 for 1-3 nights. There are 3 double stroller styles ranging from $50-65 for 1-3 nights. For a review on our experience renting with Orlando strollers click here.

3. Baby Wheels. With 5 single stroller styles ranging from $30-50 per night ($5 for every additional night). 3 double stroller styles $35-40 per night ($5 for every additional night). This company has the largest variety of styles and with the lowest price.

4. Kingdom Strollers. With 4 styles of singles strollers and 4 styles of double strollers, their rental prices range from $40-45 1-3nights stay for a single stroller and $50-65 1-3 nights stay for a double stroller.

As you can see they’re all similar pricing. The biggest recommendation with any of these companies is to reserve early to make sure you get the style that you are looking for and the dates you need it. But with all these options you should be able to find one that accommodates for your vacation. For the extra cost over the Walt Disney World stroller rentals you will be saving your child from walking to the park entrance, back to transportation at the end of the day and the flexibility to have your stroller to explore all Walt Disney Resorts have to offer. One of the benefits to renting from one of these companies is you can be assured that these strollers meet the regulations for strollers at Disney parks.


If you are travelling by plane, this is a must. Walking through the airport is an adventure of its own. Having your stroller gives your child a place to sit and relax while waiting to go through security and allows you to make that connection with much more ease.

Having your own stroller on your Disney vacation is also convenient because you know your stroller. You know how the buckles work, how to fold it up, the straps are already adjusted for your child. It also saves you some money. Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a stroller rental, bring your own. On one of our vacations we considered renting a double stroller because we didn’t have one but then we looked at how much we would spend on a rental and realized we could buy a good quality one for the same amount of money. If you’re travelling by car, a stroller can take up a lot of room but I would forgo a piece of luggage for the cash you’ll save. Just double check the size of your stroller with the regulations.

If you have a little then be sure to make this a part of your planning, it is definitely a toddler essential. To ensure for the best vacation for your little but also for you.

Happy Planning.