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Best Trip Tips: Rider Switch Pass

Friends, this is must know information if you are travelling to Walt Disney World with kids under 48”. Which really, how many younger kids aren’t. If you’re not aware, there are height requirements for many of the attractions at Walt Disney World. So when you’re visiting any of the four parks there will be quite a few rides that your younger guests won’t be able to enjoy. This does not mean that you don’t get to. Walt Disney World has this awesome program called the Rider Switch Pass.

The premise is guests travelling with younger mouseketters can still enjoy the many attractions with height requirements without having everyone waiting in line for hours. One member of the party must wait in line. At the entrance of the line ask the cast member for a Rider Switch pass. According to the rules you need to have members of your party with you. Some cast members are extremely strict with this, others are a little lax. One or more will go on the attraction while the rest of the party can go off and enjoy other aspects of the park. The cast member will scan the MagicBand or park pass of the guest waiting to ride the ride. And the pass or MagicBand of the rest of the party who will be riding with the waiting person. This will then give you the ability to use the FastPass line when the other guest gets off the attraction. You don’t have to use it immediately after the other members of your party enjoyed the attraction.

When using the Rider Switch Pass, all you have to do is scan your MagicBand or pass at the FastPass entrance and you’re in.

These work great when you are travelling with kids. One parent can wait in line and ride the attraction, while the other parent takes the kids to a character meet and greet, a bathroom break, a snack break. Or while the littles have a nice nap. We used this constantly on our latest trip.

For Flights of Passage, Jeff waited in line while I took the kids to meet Minnie and Mickey. For Rock n Roll Coaster, Jeff waited in line while I walked with the kids while they had a stroller nap. For Test Track, I waited in line while Jeff went grabbed many snacks are part of Festival of the Arts.

These Rider Switch Passes can be used for three guests. In the instance of Test Track, I waited for 50 minutes on our Epcot day and then a couple hours later Jeff and MacKenzie were able to ride it together.

It’s a great program that you can find at all attractions that have a height requirement. It certainly helps when visiting Walt Disney World with kids of a variety of ages. Happy Planning Friends.

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