Best Trip Tips

Best Trip Tips: Multiple Resort Stay

There are 32 resort options at Walt Disney World resort. So many that you could vacation at a different location for every vacation you take. What we have been doing over the last few years is split our vacation between a couple of resorts. There are a few reasons we’ve done this: one is availability, two is location and three is separation. It’s worked for us. Maybe it will work for you.

When beginning to plan your Disney vacation your top pick resort may be booked up for some of the dates. That doesn’t mean you can’t stay there, just stay there for part of your vacation and spend a few other nights at another resort. This may even save you a few dollars. This upcoming vacation we wanted to stay for part of our vacation at Wilderness Lodge, so we can enjoy all the new updates and explore the addition of Copper Creek. There was only availability for the first five days of our vacation. We booked what was available and decided to spend the rest of our vacation at the Boardwalk.

Splitting up your resort stay can be beneficial if you plan on doing all of the parks. The four parks are located all across Walt Disney World property with resorts surrounding each of them. When you’re staying at a closely located resort you have quick access to the park, giving you extra time in bed or at the park. You also don’t spend as much time on the bus. If you stay at a Magic Kingdom area resort you can monorail, boat or walk to the Magic Kingdom. When staying on Crescent Lake you can walk or boat to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. By switching resorts you’ll be giving yourself more time in your resort and at the parks.

The last reason we’ve done multiple resort stays is to separate the park part of our vacation from our relaxing part of our vacation. On one vacation we broke our vacation down into two parts. One part had a couple park days with a non-park pool day in the middle, and the second part was simply dining plans and pool time. We started off at Saratoga Springs for the park days and then concluded our vacation at the Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Village. The morning we woke up at Kidani I felt like we were on a totally different vacation. Days filled with relaxation and delicious food.

This upcoming vacation will be the third vacation we’ve done as a multiple resort stay. We love experiencing different parts of Walt Disney World and love being close to the action. Now you know that you don’t have to limit yourself. Happy Planning Friends.