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Best Trip Tips: FastPass

Over the years Walt Disney World has continued to make your time at the parks more and more enjoyable. By introducing fast passes over a decade ago, guests were able to go to the ride they wished to go on and get a fast pass for hours later. This would enable them to come back at a later time and not have to wait in line. You’d hand in your fast pass and breeze past the 30, 60, 90 minute line. They have now brought this concept to an even higher level by creating FastPass +. With FastPass+ you can book your FastPasses 60 days before your trip (with tickets purchased and a room reservation linked up to My Disney Experience). Without a resort reservation it is 30 days before. You get to have 3 FastPasses per day.

The FastPasses are linked to your Magic Band ( or your park pass), so you no longer have to carry around pieces of paper. These reservations are 1 hour windows of time. If you book at FastPass for 2 o’clock, your next window of time would be 3 o’clock. In other words, your FastPass reservations can not overlap.

If you’re unsure of your reservation times there are FastPass kiosks scattered across the parks. You simply match up your Mickey on your MagicBand to the Mickey on the kiosk and it will pull up your reservations. (Or swipe your park pass). At these kiosks you can adjust times and make new reservations. As soon as you have finished all your reservations for the day you can book a new one.

Just because you book a FastPass it does not mean you will get to go on the ride. If for some unforeseen reason the ride is closed, due to weather or break down, and it does not reopen until after your FastPass window has gone, you are out of luck my friend. Or if you miss the reservation. Maybe you show up 5 or 10 minutes after, you unfortunately can’t go on the ride. Same goes for arriving early. If you try to get on the ride 5 minutes before you will have to wait until your window of time opens.

Booking FastPasses also doesn’t mean there will be a line when you go on the ride. We always book the rides we know our kids would most desire to go on. That doesn’t mean they’re the most popular. There was one time we went to go on Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid and sure enough the line was only a 10 minute wait. Unfortunately you can’t predict those things. You have to do your best to book the FastPasses that work best for your schedule and your vacation.

FastPasses are now available for more than rides. You can book FastPasses for parades, stage shows, meet and greets. There are some experiences that don’t offer FastPasses and they’re mostly the ones that you can expect to get right into, unless you are at Walt Disney World at a very busy time of year.

If you haven’t travelled to Walt Disney World in a while this is all new and it will make things easier, with less going back and forth across the park property. It takes more planning before hand and gives you more enjoyment on your vacation.

Happy Planning.