Trip Chronicles

August Food Goal List

On our last vacation I made up a food goal list for myself. On instagram I was constantly seeing these delicious looking items that I had never seen because I had always stuck to my Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Popcorn and Cupcakes. I decided if I did some research and came up with a list of specific items it would force me to try things I wouldn’t have noticed before and eat at places I’ve always walked by. It worked. It was a really fun part of our trip. I planned out which days I’d be trying which items, because most are only found at one location. It was a whole new element. Now we are approaching our next vacation, only weeks away and I’ve got to make a new list. This vacation we’re only going to one park, Epcot, for the DVC Moonlight Magic so I had to find items that we could find at the resorts or at Disney Springs. We will be staying for 4 nights on the Deluxe Dining Plan, which gives me 8 snacks for each night of our visit. But this pregnant mama is going to need one of those daily snacks for my breakfast so my list is going to be a small one for this trip with only 4 items. 

Zebra Domes

These are supposed to be found at The Mara, which is the quick-service restaurant found at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are going to be heading this way for a lunch at Sanaa, a table service restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so it won’t be hard to make a trip to The Mara for these snacks. They’re supposed to be a cheesecake or truffle bites. I love such things so it should be right up my alley. The Mara is found across from the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s pool, Uzima Pool, and we’re planning on pool hopping that morning before our lunch. So this snack fits perfectly into our plans. 


Ever since watching Tiana carry around a tray of Beignets at the beginning of The Princess and the Frog I have wondered what these items were. They actual make and sell them at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. They’re quick service restaurant Sassagoula Floatworks serves them. Because we’re staying at Saratoga Springs, we’re a simple boat ride away from Port Orleans. I may sneak out to grab this snack item while Jeff is enjoying a round of golf. I’ve never spent any time at the French Quarter, so it will be a good excuse to go and explore this popular moderate resort. 

School Bread

For our one theme park visit we’re heading to Epcot, the perfect place to grab a snack because each pavilion has a wide selection of food. The one Epcot snack that makes the list for this trip is the School Bread, said to be found at Norway’s Kringla Bakeri go Cafe. It’s described as being a bread with vanilla pudding and custard injected into the middle and also put on top. I love a good pastry and expecting this be unlike anything I’ve ever had before. 

Gelato Shake

One of my must haves on every vacation is the Bailey Shake at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. They serve inside the restaurant but also on their patio. Which you can then grab and go, carry and drinking while you’re doing your shopping at Disney Springs. Because there’ll be no alcoholic beverages for me on this vacation I needed to find something to fill this snack whole. So I’ll be trying the Gelato Shake at Vivoli il Gelato, also located at Disney Springs. Because it’s made with Gelato, I’m expecting it will be nice and light. Which I’ll need because we’ll be eating so much food on the Deluxe Dining Plan.

To find all these different items, I used instagram, looking for pictures of food that appealed to me. From there I would google the name of the item and then find out where it’s located on Walt Disney World property. It takes some time but friends, it can be fun researching ahead of time and then fun during your vacation finding the locations. Happy Planning, Friends.