Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Main Pool: Uzima Pool

Visiting the many pools located at Walt Disney World has been a big part of our Disney World vacations since becoming Disney Vacation Club members. We’ve found by pool hopping we’ve been able to discover resorts we want to stay at, on vacations in the future. It’s by pool hopping that we realized Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village was one of the best resorts to stay at with young families. So although we’ve never stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House, we’ve stayed at it’s sister resort Kidani Village, we have spent quite a bit of time at its Uzima Pool.

Uzima Pool is a zero-depth entry pool, which is fantastic for several reasons. It’s great for guests with small children, it allows them to sit and play without a parent having to carry them everywhere. Guests of every height can enjoy the pool because guests can submerge as deep as they feel comfortable. Zero-depth entry pools are a must for families visiting Disney World with younger children. It gives parents a piece of mind and the flexibility to enjoy their pool time more freely.

Uzima Pool has a 67 foot-long waterslide. It’s not going to be most thrilling waterslide you’ve ever been on, but its a waterslide none the less. It’s not long enough to make our list of 5 biggest waterslides at Walt Disney World, but it adds a lot of fun to your day at the pool.

The pool itself is HUGE. It’s 11,000 square feet. Giving you lots of space to distance yourself from other families. This big pool is surrounded with several seating areas, again giving you lots of room to create space between you and other guests.

Lifeguards are stationed at this pool, which is not true for all pools at Walt Disney World. They will make sure all guests are adhering to the guidelines of pool etiquette. Which will allow parents to lounge poolside with more of a piece of mind.

There are two whirlpools found at the Uzima Pool, one is close to one of the savanna overlooks and has less privacy. The other is tucked behind the entrance to the waterslide. A children’s wading pool is also close by. This kiddie pool is 1 foot and 3 meters deep. It’s also very warm, making it a fun place for littles to splash around. The kiddie pool is surrounded by chairs, making it a great place for families with the smallest of visitors to hang. The area is also fence off, for those little ones who love to run.

The Uzima Pool has a couple places to grab a bite, if you’re spending the whole day visiting this pool. There’s The Mara, Jambo House’s quick-service restaurant, and Uzima Springs Pool Bar. The pool bar is located at the entry of the pool and serves a few fun cocktails, salads, sandwiches and burgers. The Mara is outside of the gated pool area and has seats inside and outside. The Mara has a wider selection, with several stations offering you African inspired entrees, classic fast food choices, and salads. There’s also a few fridges that carry perishable snacks and drinks. It’s here you’ll find Zebra domes, a must on your vacation’s snack list.

One of the greatest features found at Uzima Springs Pool, the showers and changing rooms. Many of the Deluxe Resorts pools have these. In the pools bathroom, you’ll find separate changing stalls and showers. This is fantastic for those pool hopping to the pool. It’s also awesome if you’re heading to a restaurant reservation after hanging at the pool and don’t want to go all the way back to your room.

Within the Uzima Springs Pool area is the Hakuna Matata playground. This playground has two structures and is on a soft turf style ground. One of the playground is suitable for children 18 months-5 years old and the other is for children 5 years old -12 years old. The playground area is shaded and gated off.

One of the unique things about this pool, something that is only shared with the neighbouring Samawati Springs Pool, is the Savana overlooks. There are a couple areas, that are a short walk from the actually pool, where you can look out into the savanna and observe the animals. You’ll see flamingos and possibly some giraffes.

The Uzima pool is accessible by taking the elevator down to the bottom floor. This is not the lobby floor, the bottom floor. Once reaching the bottom floor, you’ll walk past the Boma restaurant entrance to the outdoors. You can either turn left or right upon exiting. Both directions will lead you to the pool.

This pool is certainly a major positive to staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. It offers so many things to do, that guests will want to visit more than once during their vacation. But don’t forget, you can still come visit here without staying at the resort, use the pool hopping tips found here to gain access to this splendid recreation area.

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