Resort Review

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House VS Kidani Village

Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful resort in the Animal Kingdom resort area. There are two resorts found at the Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House and Kidani Village. There are ways that these two are similar and ways that they are different. The design of both resorts is the same. Both have earthy tones, lots of windows highlighting the Savana views and are inspired by the continent of Africa. Even though they have similarities, there are many ways Jambo House and Kidani Village are different. Make sure you know which suits your needs before booking your accommodations at either or.

Front Desk

Jambo House is a Disney Deluxe Resort and Kidani Village is a Deluxe Villa resort, a part of the Disney Vacation Club. Jambo House therefore has all kinds of cast members ready to serve guests. For check in and conceirge needs. Kidani Village on the other hand has only a few cast members. This is because DVC members are expected to require less assistance. So if you expect to require assistance throughout your stay then you should be staying at Jambo House versus Kidani Village.


Jambo House is home to one quick-service restaurant, one buffet style restaurant, one Signature restaurant, two lounges and one pool side bar. Kidani Village on the other hand has one restaurant that serves quick service breakfast, a table service lunch and dinner and has a lounge attached. The gift shop at Kidani Village also has items available for breakfast. Kidani’s pool also has a quick-service restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner. Now with the two buildings located so close to each other, you can certainly head from one place to the other to enjoy meals there. But if you’re looking to grab breakfast each morning at your resort before going to the parks, Jambo House is the place to stay. If you plan on dining at the parks for all of your meal then either spot will work for you. All of Kidani’s rooms have some sort of kitchen. So you can always cook your meals in your room.


Each resort has one pool. Each of these pools has one waterslide and each pool has two whirlpools. Jambo House’s pool is called the Uzima Springs Pool. Kidani Village’s pool is called Samawati Springs Pool. Both pools are zero-depth entry and have plenty of lounge chairs surrounding the pool area. Both have animal overlooks close by, pool bars, bathrooms and changing rooms. Uzima has a kiddie pool and two playgrounds within walking distance. Uzima’s waterslide is 67 feet long, Samawati’s on the other hand is 128 feet long. Samawati also has a water slide for toddlers and preschoolers. Uwanja Camp is located beside the Samawait Pool, this is an area that has a dry playground as well as a few water features for kids to play with. They are both great pools, although Uzima is larger and Samawati has more for younger kids to do. Both have lifeguards on duty during pool hours.


As mentioned above, Kidani Village is a Disney Vacation Club resort. This means all the rooms found at this resort are deluxe studios, 1 bedroom villas, 2 bedroom villas or 3 bedroom villas. The cost of a room is going to begin at $405 per night. Jambo House is a Deluxe Resort. It has standard rooms, as well as suites. There are also villas at Jambo House: deluxe studios, 1 bedroom villas, 2 bedroom villas and 3 bedroom villas. The cost of a room at Jambo House begins at $353 per night.


Both Jambo House and Kidani Village have plenty to do on your non-park days. Jambo House has two playgrounds, a nightly campfire and an arcade. Jambo House has a large animal overlook outside of their lobby, a massage and fitness centre. There are daily activities offered at Jambo House, including Face Painting, crafts, animal viewing and more. The activities are updated daily in the lobby.

At Kidani Village there’s a basketball court, community hall and arcade. Therefore there’s more to do at Jambo House, which makes sense because there are more guest staying at Jambo House. If you’re staying at Kidani Village you are certainly able to participate and enjoy the events going on a the neighbouring Jambo House.


Each building has shopping. At Kidani Village there’s Johari Treasures. The stores open from 7am until 11pm. Here’s where you can grab a morning cup of coffee and some non-perishable snacks. You’ll also find some magazines and other reading material. There’s a few instruments and clothing found in this little shop. Zawadi Marketplace is a huge store found off of the main lobby at Jambo House. This huge store has items that are specific to Animal Kingdom Lodge and found elsewhere on Disney World property. You can find necessities like sunscreen, sunglasses, bandaids and so on. The store opens at 7:30am and closes at 11pm. The store is beautiful in design and certainly has a few hidden mickey’s. If you’re looking to do some resort shopping than this is the spot to do it.


The lobby at Jambo House is much more impressive than the lobby at Kidani Village. The Jambo House lobby has huge windows at the very end of it, looking out into the Savana. The lobby is open to the three floors above it. It is grand. I would strongly recommend coming to see this lobby even if you’re not staying in the area. Kidani Village’s lobby is minimal. It’s still beautiful but it’s not grand like Jambo House. There’s still large windows but not as large and the ceiling is much lower. When you walk into the lobby at Jambo House you feel like you are somewhere spectacular whereas as Kidani Village is much more minute.


Kidani Village has 708 rooms. Jambo House has 1307. That’s almost double the amount of rooms which means double the amount of guests. Which means more people at the pool. More people checking in. Kidani Village is much quieter.

With these differences in mind, think about which will be the best choice for you and your family. Happy Planning, Friends.