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Alcohol on the Dining Plan

On the four dining plans offered at Disney World, when ordering a quick-service or table service meal an alcoholic beverage can be chosen as your drink. If you’re someone who enjoys alcohol of any variety, you’ll be able to choose your favourite type with the dining plan. Some restaurants have more wine selection, others have more cocktails and some have more beer. There are a few things to be aware of if you want to take advantage of this part to the dining plan.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has limited locations that offer alcohol. Very few of their quick-service locations carry alcohol. If you’re dining on the quick-service dining plan you have to strategically plan to be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages on your days at the Magic Kingdom. All of the table service restaurants now serve alcohol. Get more details from this previous post. 


As soon as you sit down for breakfast you may be wanting a cup of coffee. But wait, don’t ask for that before you look at the menu. Many of these breakfast restaurants offer a variety of alcoholic breakfast beverages. Such as Bloody Mary, Mimosa and Iced Coffee. If you find yourself enjoying breakfast on the weekend you may be under the brunch window which can open up a whole new variety of cocktails.  So try this trick: drink a coffee in your room before heading to your breakfast reservation. Get coffee from your in room coffee machine or at a quick-service restaurant at your resort with your refillable mug. You can even bring this to your breakfast meal. 


Buffets are great places to dine when you are with a large group and with young kids, especially those under 3. At a buffet, the restaurant may be very busy and the server may ask you what you want to drink without giving you a menu or telling you your choices. So make sure to ask for the drink menu. Don’t just automatically request your favourite soda, because then you’re losing out on 5 dollars of dining plan value. For breakfast, these buffets offer mimosas and bloody mary’s. So before you automatically ask for that coffee, find out what alcoholic beverages they’re offering. Fill your refillable mug at your resort before heading to breakfast or make a pot of coffee in your room. For more information on buffet restaurants click this link. 

Festival Alcohol

There are three festivals over the course of the year at Epcot: Festival of the Arts, Flower and Garden Festival and the Food & Wine Festival. During all three of these festivals special food kiosks and carts are found throughout World Showcase. Each one offering a special food or delicacy and special drink. Your dining plan snack credits can be used for many of these special foods but unfortunately can not be used for the drinks. So if you want to try a few of these unique drinks you’ll have to make sure you have cash on hand or be willing to charge them to your MagicBand. 

Sharing Alcohol

If you won’t be consuming alcohol on your vacation then you can share with someone else in your party. Order a drink and then let someone else at the table have it. You can then have a glass of water or pay for a coffee, tea or soda. This will keep up the value of your dining plan and keep your bill total close or above the amount you’ve already paid through purchasing the dining plan. 


Again, if you can’t or choose not to have alcoholic beverages during your Disney vacation on the dining plan, there are still great choices that are above and beyond your average coffee, tea or soft drink. At Whispering Canyon Cafe you can choose a latte, cappuccino, espresso or an all-you-care-to-enjoy milkshake. At Yak & Yeti’s, at Animal Kingdom, you can choose between a variety of speciality lemonades and non-alcoholic frozen blended drinks. Even though you are not having alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean you can’t have something special with your meal. 

Different Restaurants. Different Drinks

Each restaurant offers different cuisine, they also offer different drinks. If you are particular about what beverages you prefer then be sure to check their menus before you make your reservations.

We love this feature of the Dining Plan. You are on vacation after all. So let yourself indulge. Happy Planning, Friends.

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