For Adults

Adults Only: Every Rides Challenge

Taking an adults only vacation to Walt Disney World can be as fun and entertaining as you want it to be. Or, on the other hand, as relaxing and laid back as you’d like. If you’re a couple like us, and like to do as much and see as much as possible then I challenge you to try something we did on our Goofy Challenge Vacation: ride every single ride. Now keep in mind, we were there at a slow time of year and therefore there were very few lines, so there was literally no wait times to consider. Our plan of attack on a daily basis was to make our way in one direction and then enjoy every single ride that came our way. And let me tell you we discovered some rides that I hadn’t been on in years, or frankly ever! Can you imagine. We had a blast. We didn’t categorize any rides as too young, and therefore became young ourselves. It took away the adult barrier and gave us an opportunity to run around the park with the excitement to find out what was around the next corner. Here are a few of the rides we wouldn’t have normally gone on but ended up loving.

Magic Kingdom:

Astro Orbiter. I never remember riding on this ride. We squeezed into one ship and loved the view we saw from up in our spaceship. I don’t know why I had never been on this ride before, maybe because you almost forget it’s there when you’re walking by? This particular vacation Fantasyland was under construction so we were able to get a beautiful view of what was being constructed.


Innoventions. At the time, it may still be there right now because the events change so often at innoventions I can’t guarantee it, you could make your own rollercoaster. You would then be put in a simulator that would take you on that roller coaster. Upside, around tight corners, whatever you had designed. It was seriously awesome. If we weren’t doing every ride I don’t think I would have really stopped and looked at this. I would have walked right by and missed out.

Hollywood Studios:

Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I had seen this as a young girl when Hollywood Studios had first opened as MGM. Therefore I felt like I had seen it before and didn’t need to see it again. Revisiting it gave me fond memories of the trips I had taken with my family. Which is truly a gift in and of itself to look back on times you share as a family unit once you are grown.

Animal Kingdom:

Primeval Whirl. I had always assumed DinoLand U.S.A. was for preschoolers. We would go in for the ride Dinosaur and then move onto whatever else was considered hot and exciting. Did I miss out for years! I love this ride. With its twist and turns and bumps. It has so many unexpected parts. It is now my favourite ride at the Animal Kingdom.

Doing every ride can make a day at the parks jam packed, which is why I’m suggesting it for adults only. If you’ve been to Disney many times it can add a whole new element for you. It takes away the decision making process and can create some much loved memories. If you will be back someday with children this day at the park gives you an opportunity to expose yourself to rides skewed to little ones. You won’t be experiencing it for the first time with your young one. It also gives you the knowledge you want on making decisions for which rides are appropriate for your child. To accomplish this challenge give yourself the benefit of arriving early. When you arrive for park opening you can ride more rides between 9am and 11am then you will ride the rest of the afternoon. Use Extra Magic Hours to your advantage as well. Choose to do the Magic Kingdom on a day it’s open early or late and so on and so forth for the remainder of the parks. So take the challenge friends and see if you’ve got it in you to ride every single ride at a Disney park in a given day.