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ABC Commissary

We have been fortunate with our Disney dining experiences. With our many visits, and countless dinners, lunches and breakfasts’, we have had very few bad experiences. On our trip last January we had such a poor experience that it surpasses them all. It was so bad that we will never dine at this quick-service restaurant ever again. And it wasn’t just one thing, it was everything. The food, the service, the venue. The restaurant is Hollywood Studios’ ABC Commissary, a quick-service restaurant you can find on Commissary Lane. We were there with my mom, my husband and our 2 kids. We were on the Disney dining plan and using our quick-service meal credits. We were here for an early dinner, around 4pm. It wasn’t busy. We ordered our meal, received a buzzer and grabbed some seats. I was hungry, so were the kids. We had had a breakfast earlier that day at Hollywood & Vine and then had a snack style lunch. We were in need of a good meal.

With any quick-service venue, the promise is right there in the name: quick-service. We waited close to 15 minutes and still hadn’t received our food yet. We went to the counter to find out what the hold up was and were totally brushed off. We were told that the food would be coming. When we finally received our food, many things were forgotten or mistaken, including wrong drinks and missed food. All this happened with no sense of apology. We decided to speak to management. Never before in all of our years had service been so poor and no one take ownership for the mistakes being made. It was an incredibly un-magical experience.

The venue itself is very basic. It looks tired. The pictures on the wall are dated, the rug looks worn down. All of which could certainly be overlooked if you had a delicious meal and were out of there without even noticing. But when you’re waiting forever for your food you can’t help but notice these flaws.

When our food finally arrived, it was nothing impressive. I mean we were starving so we basically inhaled it but wasn’t anything memorable. On the menu you have a choice of ribs, enchiladas, fish and shrimp platter, teriyaki bowls, a BBQ burger. I opted for the mediterranean salad. As you can tell from the selections it’s a real jumble of options.

ABC Commissary is open for lunch and for dinner. And is found in a pretty convenient spot. It does have a lot of inside seating, which not many Hollywood Studios quick-service restaurants currently offer. But there are two other quick-service restaurants that have ample inside seating that have better food and, from my experience, better service. Backlot Express is found beside Star Tours and offers a large selection: Burgers, Chicken, Salads, Sandwiches, Hotdogs, and of course this is where you can find those Galactic Waffles. PizzeRizzo is found across the courtyard from Muppets 3D and serves a few choices of pizza, a meatball sub and a salad. So don’t feel like you’re stuck with ABC Commissary for your quick-service meal, there are other choices and take my advice, choose them.

I’m sure there are people out there that love this restaurant and maybe it’s their go to for their Hollywood Studios days. Maybe some day, years from now, we’ll try it again, but I don’t see that happening with so many changes coming to Hollywood Studios. Happy Planning, Friends.

Hours: 11am-7pm

Dining Plan: 1 Quick-Service Meal Credit

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