A Review of Epcot’s Biergarten Restaurant at the German Pavilion

Epcot has the most restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. Each pavilion found in World Showcase has at least two places to grab a bite to eat. It makes me wonder if we’ll ever eat at each and every one of these restaurants. We’ve already dined at six different sit down restaurants (some a couple of times) and that’s barely scratching the service of what’s available. On our most recent vacation we had dinner at Biergarten located in the German pavilion. This is a restaurant I had been to decades before and had wonderful memories of the time spent here. I couldn’t wait to go back, Biergarten made it on my list of restaurants I can’t wait to dine at again. This was the first time our kids had eaten here, and the first time for my husband. I had high hopes that it would be a hit because of the german food, which our kids love, and the entertainment. I was right.

Biergarten is located at the back of the German pavilion in World Showcase. The restaurant is buffet style and is open for both lunch and dinner. On the menu are sausages of several varieties, potatoes made in a variety of ways, roasted chicken, salads and the German traditional cuisine Spatzle. There’s also some kid friendly items: hot dogs, green beans, and macaroni and cheese. The restaurant is designed to place guests in a town square during Oktoberfest. At the focus of the restaurant is a stage which has a traditional band playing traditional German instruments during the meal. Guests will be encouraged to stand up and dance along to the lively music. It creates a boisterous and celebratory environment. There are large tables laid out in the restaurant, making room for huge parties or placing families together. There are a few levels of seating, some tables are on the ground floor putting diners in the middle of all the entrainment. There are several options for alcoholic beverages, you can choose from a variety of beers, red and white wines. You can also choose the German Beer Flight, which gives you a taste of each of the beer offered on the menu.

Servers play a minimal role in this restaurant because of the buffet style meal. Guests can serve themselves at their leisure and the server will deliver drinks as needed. Which is always great, because the service really won’t make or break your meal. What can play a role in the enjoyment of your meal is who you are dining alongside. Because of the large tables, you can get places with a family that could enhance or negate your dining experience. Luckily for us, we were paired with a family who was fun and jovial.

The restaurant is very dark, so be sure to watch your footing. And pay particular attention to your smaller diners, that they don’t sneak away without having eaten enough of their meal.

We loved our meal here. We loved the entertainment, the food, we had a fantastic server who stayed on top of refilling our drinks and meeting our needs. It was a fun addition to a great day at Epcot. We would definitely come back here, if it wasn’t for all the other restaurants we want to try at Epcot. I can see us returning here when we’ve marked a few more restaurants off our wish list. And I would definitely recommend it as a restaurant to choose for your day at Epcot.

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